Aug 182017

Photo from, entitled “Oriental Dancer”, taken by Petr Kratochvil.

by John Donnellly…….

Seeking medical services for wounds they incurred in combat has brought many veterans to the desk of Xenia Leonteva, a staff assistant for our county’s extraordinary Veterans Service Officer Gary Johnson. Ms. Leonteva’s brilliant handling of their concerns, is representative of her commitment and dedication to serve Monroe County’s veterans and their families.

I’ve come to understand that Ms. Leonteva has volunteered to create, organize and participate in a truly spectacular event that will assist and benefit the clients served by our county’s eminently acclaimed “MARC House of the Upper Keys”.

Ms. Leonteva and her cadre of exotic dancers are producing and performing in an “Oriental Fantasy Show”, entitled “Worldly Treasures”. This charitable benefit will occur on August 26th at 6:30 PM, in the Murray Nelson Government Center at Mile Marker 102 in Key Largo.

These community minded ladies have developed a very original and artistically exquisite dance program, which has brought great joy and entertainment to their audiences. At the same time, this event will generate much needed funds for the care and needs of our fellow citizens. This generous and respectful undertaking will  uniquely bring comfort and  joy to all.

The grace, elegance and beauty of these dancers are without blemish. Their choreographed movements are electrifying, as their garments and bodies rhythmically sway to the sounds of the Orient.

Ms. Leonteva is an invaluable member of our community. Her pledge to serve others is a matter of record. I hope we’ll rally round this benevolent cause, supporting her and the “MARC House of the Upper Keys”. This one time only “opening night performance” is a heart stopper, don’t let it slip away. Tickets are selling fast.

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