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by John Donnelly…….

The pulsating life force within all creation reverberates on a continuum at set frequencies. These varying modulations present a vibration that’s delusively manifested in the material world as distinct “solid forms”. This illusion reinforced by our sensory experiences is a compelling optical deception exerting a powerful influence over our lives.

This hoax once complete and accepted, sets in motion an alluring and farcical force purporting to be “Reality”. It births every manner of ignorance and misrepresentation.

Thus, a precedent setting pattern for all that follows is inherently established in our beings. Upon this flawed foundational fissure, fiction and fabrication are set as the “standardized norm” from which we analytically reason, think, evaluate and experience the world.

A never ending stream of distorted data filled with misunderstandings, inaccuracies and misconceptions follows our errant presumptions.

Stuck in the muddy realm of materialism, unable to gain traction and realize the need to authenticate our “Reality and Self”; many fall prey to societies’ psychobabble, wordy gobbledygook and politically correct narratives; proffered with their quaint judgments and recommended punishments for those unwilling to concede their beliefs.

The sum total of this “tragic play” diminishes and eventually extinguishes our spiritual spark and yearning for the “Light”. Confusion and discontent sets in, as many resign themselves to a life of quiet desperation.

These setbacks influence and take shape in the form of an “educational system” that in all too many instances has taken on the role of a “babysitter”.

Marketing a flawed product has become a full time job for many entrenched educators. Parents, taxpayers and politicians must be kept content, so as not to disrupt the enormous flow of money to these institutions.

Unfortunately for most students, they’ve reaped the consequences of a failed  education that has been identified as a “Threat to National Security”.

The huge sums of taxpayer money being spent for inferior and second-rate school systems must somehow be concealed. These “government schools” must by hook or crook, pretend to be selling something of value to the public. Smooth talking and well rehearsed educational spokespersons have become adept at disseminating rhetoric capable of indoctrinating critics, while  keeping the money train on track.

Recycling disinformation as fact, while ignoring the Self-Realized and Self-Actualized principles capable of catapulting the world’s awareness and consciousness into uplifted dimensions of enlightenment; prevents our children and citizens from advancing forward and achieving their potential.

The critical mass for positive change has not yet been attained. Thus, a merry-go-round of madness, ignorance, anger and frustration continues to erupt and flow into society.

Shall this cyclic spell of ignorance ever be broken?

Ignoring the “scientific wisdom of the ages” will continue to subdue the spiritual clarification necessary to elevate one’s consciousness and awareness, so the internal states of joy and happiness we’re seeking remain obscure. Looking outside of ourselves towards people, places and things has not, nor will it ever bring to us what we’re seeking. Only when appropriate meditation techniques are taught and practiced, will we acquire  access to our “Internal Blissful State of Being”.

Looking to the material world, political parties, social movements and relationships to soothe and heal our hearts, minds, and spirits; will always be an empty,  painful and losing proposition.

Frustrated and discouraged by our disillusionment, we’ll eventually implode or lash out because of our discomfort; as we seek any means to distract and reduce the agony and suffering that has overtaken us. Finding ourselves in a weakened, unstable, vulnerable and toxic predicament; our trauma can increases and spiral out of control.

Clients I’ve worked with who habitually cut themselves (non-suicidal self injury) with sharp objects, did so for many reason. Some of them could no longer bear their emotional pain and shut down. Cutting was a way to stop feeling numb. And in some cases it served as an alternative outlet for their stress and emotional pain.

There is a hefty price to pay when we allow ourselves to be denigrated and  abused. Through our own ignorance and mistreatment, or that of societies’.

Whittling people down to  a shell of themselves; is the corrosive nature of chronic delusion and exploitation. The evil and harm stemming from such destruction has taken a heavy toll on humanity.

The answer is here. It lies within each of us. We can be the solution or an extension of the problem. Unfortunately, the luxury of time has run out. The impenetrable “Now” has arrived.

A question, from whence does the precisely synchronized energy, encapsulated in this orderly design of expression originate? The author and creative source of “it all”  did not “originate in a cipher”. From nothing, there can be nothing. We’re immutable, absolute images of this Creator.

Innately, inherently, birthed within each one of us is this “creative spirit and liberating guide” that will pilot us through the difficult times we face; if an effort is made to contact the Architect of the Cosmos.

As we know, part of every Creator, forever lies within Its Creation.

This “call to arms” must not go unnoticed, for if ignored our lives will cease to be a gift and opportunity; but rather take on all the machinations of a “curse to be endured”.

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  4 Responses to ““Happiness Destination Syndrome””

  1. Mr. Donnelly,

    I hesitate to comment this way, but this is a hard sell and possibly a little too intellectually phrased for “layman” school board members and others to grasp and be expected to put into practice – if that is part of your point.

  2. Ben,

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the article. I always value your input, insight and understanding.

    As you may know, approximately 15 months ago I communicated to each school board member and the superintendent a detailed “plan of action” that specifically identified the manner in which I would introduce the principles of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization into Monroe County’s 3 high schools. It was an exciting and innovated approach that was certain to gain traction and grow into an extraordinary educational opportunity for all of our students.

    I spoke with several board members and the superintendent. A majority on the board vocalized support for the program. However, as time passed there wasn’t any follow up on their part; so I introduced and shared my ideas with students, parents, professionals and other at risk children who were in need and interested in receiving my assistance.

    Included in the program I presented to the Superintendent & Board Members was a $10,000 scholarship to be awarded and shared with each of our high schools. In my proposal I set down an inclusive criterion that could be utilized in determining the recipients of the scholarship money.

    Still, no takers…

    I’ve moved on. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an overwhelming need for the children in our district to receive a creatively enjoyable and necessary instructional experience, in the aforementioned “Principles”. Without some type of learning related to this topic; our students, nation and the world will eventually crumble beneath the weight of their anger, fear and violence.

    Thanks again for the invaluable ideas and perspectives you continue to share.

    Blessings & Respect, Always…

  3. This is not a political comment, but instead I am using this as an example of wording: President Trump has been criticized by some because of “their” thought that he is too plain spoken – meaning, that he does not speak like a politician who might use flowery rhetoric to bring a point across. But, in talking to “everyman” in simple terms President Trump’s way has allowed him to connect with a certain population that got him elected to the presidency.

    This simple way to communicate made me think of something I have always wondered about: When overseas especially, during a conversation between our representative whether it is President Trump or VP Pence or Sec. of State Rex Tillerson or those Americans of the past, does the conversation when interpreted to those who do not speak English really come out as intended? Or do they lose the meaning, or plainly – do they not fully understand what is being said? Can these foreign heads-of-state understand or do they just nod their heads affirmatively or negatively so as not to give away the fact that they might not understand an exchange that is too intellectual, or not right to the point in language that is more easily understood?

    I could be completely wrong, but I’m guessing something could be missed in the translation.

  4. Ben,

    Thanks for a follow-up comment. It got me to pondering…

    President Trump’s manner of thinking, articulating and topic selection; did much to get him elected. His message and presentation to the American People was successful. The prove is in the pudding. So many ridiculed, mocked and laughed at him for wanting to secure the highest office in the land.

    How did they get it so wrong? Form the onset, all who poked fun at him with contempt and hate, were the real losers, on a multitude of levels. I’ve never, ever taken my enemies, opponents or adversaries lightly. If I didn’t beat them, they all knew they had been in a fight.

    The result of the election demonstrated another important fact. Never count a person out, when they have an impenetrable will to win. Those types will usually secure all their goals and objectives.

    Ben, after returning from Southeast Asia, I traveled solely around the world 3 times, with only a backpack. I took French in high school, however, it didn’t blend very well with my South Bronx accent. But I learned enough of it so that on the front lines in Vietnam, I was able to communicate with villagers, farmers and village chiefs; so that on a regular basis I was able to access information that increased our effectiveness , while reducing casualties.

    During later travels as a civilian, my facial expressions, body language and manner of behavior communicated a plethora of information, wherever I went. My “Vibe, Aura, and Energy Flow” provided a wealth of data to everyone. Rarely were there any miscommunication.

    I must say I find myself in later years nodding in agreement and saying yes to things that can’t hear or don’t completely understand. For the most part they deal with incidental and frivolous matters, which I’m really not interested in.

    However,,, if I’m dealing with an issue that has world-wide implications and consequences; I’m going to know beforehand, everything there is to know about the issue, before I speak to anyone concerning the matter at hand. I will know everything there’s to know about the person I’m speaking with, before our discussion begins. So for all intent and purpose, the “issue” will have already been settled in my mind. The meeting and discussion will simply be a photo op and formality.

    When writing, I attempt to be poetic with my words. I know street language and vulgarity real good. I decided many years ago to abandon trite ghetto talk. I wanted to build a vocabulary that I could understand and use effectively in my writings and conversations.

    Thanks again for your many beautiful and insightful ideas. Tomorrow I believe there will be a “new article” I’ve written: “Wartime Economics Rocks”. It’s pretty heavy, deep and right on time. If you get a chance, please read it and let me know what you think…

    Blessings & Respect, Always

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