Nov 182015


A local business man was arrested Tuesday for selling more than services from his mobile business.

A joint investigation by the Key West Police Special Investigations Unit, Homeland Security Investigations, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and Customs and Border Patrol discovered that Jerry Phelps, 54, was trafficking cocaine while he was cleaning carpets.

During an undercover operation, detectives discovered that Phelps was selling cocaine while working, and using his Rug Busters van to make cocaine deliveries. Detectives obtained two warrants for his arrest. Upon Phelps’s arrest, detectives located nine bags containing over 26 grams of powder cocaine and over $2,000 in cash on Phelps’s person. A search warrant for Phelps’s residence uncovered another 15 bags of cocaine, 31 grams of marijuana, and over $9,600 in cash.

Phelps was transported to the Monroe County Detention Center without incident.


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  5 Responses to “Local Carpet Cleaner Arrested For Trafficking Drugs While Working”

  1. I wonder if any of those officers have used Rug Busters to clean their carpet!!

  2. He offered an extra customer service that Stanley Steemer just couldn’t compete with.

    Have you ever noticed if any serious bust happen there is always more than one agency involved? Could it be that one or more of the agencies had prior knowledge and chose to not bust him for some reason? Once someone like Homeland Security got involved then they all washed their hands of him.

  3. A white guy arrested for illegal drugs?!

  4. Sounds a lot like Everglades city bust in the early 80’s—operation-everglades-drug-bust-rocks-everglades-city.html

    You do the math. Was another very corrupt city.

  5. Here is another situation for the Blue paper to investigate. So just how much pot and other drugs have been collected by the KWPD ? Where are they now ? Destroyed ? By who and how ? With the track record of corruption I have a pretty good idea just how it is handled or mishandled. Thinking a lot of it goes back on the streets.

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