KEY WEST “BOAT KIDS” / Ten Years After Hurricane Wilma

by Naja and Arnaud Girard…….

Key West “Boat Kids” and their families were shipwrecked by Hurricane Wilma ten years ago. From their lives on a desert island to today, this is a story of creativity and resilience…

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3 thoughts on “KEY WEST “BOAT KIDS” / Ten Years After Hurricane Wilma

  1. Inspiring, very well done. They will be or are a part of KW history as much as John Simonton, William Pope Duval, Henry Flagler, Joseph “Bum” Farto, Captain Tony Tarracino,or Jimmy Buffet.

  2. Loved this well executed documentary on live-aboard kids. They all turned out beautifully. Perhaps no TV and having to use their imaginations to entertain themselves had something to do with it….Living close to nature and developing respect for it may have also been a positive influence..Fact is, that is how we all used to spend our childhoods and now if you live and grow that way you are the oddball. “Normal” is bowing your head to an I-phone and communicating via text and Twitter. I like tech and am no Luddite, but a little balance is in order for our kid’s sake…Like the bumper sticker said, “Daddy, what were trees like?”

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