Jul 222016


Dear Editor,

Worried about Zika Virus? Place a dab of Vick’s Vapor rub behind each ear and on ankles! The strong odor will keep mosquitio’s at bay!
The cedar leaf oil is a natural insect repellant. The odor of menthol and camphor in Vicks also acts as a repellant.

Bob Holzhei/St. Johns, Michigan

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 July 22, 2016  Posted by at 12:25 am Issue #176, Letter to the Editor  Add comments

  One Response to “Keep Mosquitios Away!”

  1. Hello – Super B-complex is good also, the Thiamin or B-1 seems to work great for me and all the other items in this dietary supplement from Nature Made.
    I am O+ and bugs love me, now if your O- or any other negative you have a natural deterrent for bugs. I watch the skeeters come right up and then fly away.
    Bottom line is at least you will get some needed items in your system and in my case, my hair is growing back from the B-6, B-12 also in this supplement.
    WIN – WIN

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