What Will the Interactive Water Feature at Truman Waterfront Park Be Like?

by Ben Volpian…….

Last Summer while I was getting up-to-speed with the Truman Waterfront Park, I asked City Commissioner Wardlow, “What the “heck” is this Interactive Water Feature I keep hearing about?” I and others I talked to had visions of a kind of Three-Coins-in-a-Fountain kind of structure, you know, with a sculpture of naked people or whatever in the middle of a shallow pool. But then, Billy or someone in the Engineering Dept. sent me a video [above] of what it was. After seeing the video and giving it some thought, I changed my mind from doubter to a fan of the idea.

The Water Feature will be located in the kid’s playground to the East of Building 103 by the Quay walkway and across from the USCGC Ingham, which brings me to the question of – will adults also be allowed to use this? If not, I am putting my name in-the-hat to be appointed as an official volunteer tester to make sure that it is safe for kids to use each day. I can only imagine how great that would be after riding a bike around during August or September.

I asked Engineering if our Water Feature will have lighting, but we’ll have to wait and see. If so, that would make for a SPECTACULAR sight from the sea as the sun goes down. And, according to what the final design of Building 103 ends up as, if arches on the sides of the building are chosen and utilize matching lighting, then that would be an incredible sight for all.

According to what I’ve been told, our Park’s Water Feature will be a 60’ in diameter circle, not a rectangle as shown in this video, and will come in at about $500,000……and in my opinion a steal at twice the price.

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  1. Interesting, but negative comments about the Interactive Water Feature in the Facebook section here. As of this writing – 19 likes and 7 out of 8 comments negative. Interesting. I would like to hear a rebuttal from the Engineering Dept. or anyone else who was originally involved in this project – including the manufacturer of the product. Might take awhile to check this out, but hopefully some of these negative medical comments have been previously addressed.

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