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“I filed for the Monroe County Commission seat that represents the Lower Keys because I have been involved with county government and Lower Keys community issues for years. Since filing, I’ve realized the time required to serve in office the way we want our commissioners to serve will keep me from fulfilling some of the other goals I have in life. I have decided to withdraw as a candidate early in this campaign season to leave room for other candidates to succeed. I thank my supporters for their confidence and I encourage the successful candidate to represent the needs and desires of Lower Keys residents.”

Bill Hunter

Sugarloaf Key

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2 thoughts on “Hunter Withdraws

  1. Darn sorry to read this, Bill. However, your stated reason does not work for me, since I know you attended county commission and other county government meetings regularly for years, so you knew what would be involved it you ran for the District 2 (lower keys) county commission seat, and what would be required of you if you won and became a county commissioner.

    What’s the real reason, is what I’m wondering? Too many other candidates? You like one of the other candidates in the Republican primary? You got talked out of running so another candidate might have a better chance of winning, say the Mayor of Marathon? You decided the county government is too screwed up and corrupted, too under the influence of private developers, to be salvageable? You decided the accute affordable housing crise, made much worse by Irma, is a waste of time to try to solve? You just don’t like getting your hands dirty? You don’t like being on point, having people pissed off at you.

    The lower keys sure don’t need another county commissioner from Marathon. Outgoing four, or is it five, 4-year term commissioner George Neugent proved that during the grinder pump war, and the l-o-n-g Hurricane Irma debris non-clean up in District 2. And by the successful ethics complaints Rick Boettger filed against George, especially egregious, he was comped a Sombrero Country Club membership ongoing and he did not report that in the required financial reports he filed. Then, was George’s apparent malfeasance in the Stand Up for Animals fiasco, which Rick Boettger reported.

    As you know, I ran against George in 2006 and 2010, and I attended many county commission meetings, and it is from that background that I venture to make this comment.

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