Hialeah Man Faces Multiple Charges in Connection with Car Burglaries


Sheriff’s detectives worked together to solve a string of car burglaries that took place in June and July of 2015 in several locations in the Keys. One suspect, a Hialeah man, was arrested Wednesday and faces numerous related charges.

The multiple vehicle burglaries took place in Marathon, on Big Coppitt Key and in the Stock Island neighborhood of Key Haven. In late June and early to mid-July, 29 year old Williams Alonso traveled multiple times to the Keys to commit the crimes. He entered unlocked vehicles and primarily stole wallets and purses; he then used credit cards from the wallets and purses to purchase merchandise from stores, gas stations, restaurants and on-line. In one instance, he used a debit card to remove cash from an ATM after figuring out the access code was the victim’s last four digits of his social security number – which was also in his wallet.

Detectives Dave Chavka, David Cruz and Scott Ward worked together and, using video from numerous sources, they identified Alonso as their suspect. They obtained video of him committing some of the burglaries as well as multiple videos from the locations where he used the stolen cards.

Warrants were issued for Alonso and on Wednesday, he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center. He faces 20 counts of fraudulent use of credit cards; 9 counts of using another person’s identification without their consent. He also faces two counts of vehicle burglary, theft, grand theft, possessing another person’s identification without their consent and fraudulent use of credit cards.

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