Oct 272017

‘Suspended Light’ by Hazel Griffiths. Oil on Canvas.

Hazel Griffiths
Gildea Gallery
522 Southard Street
5:00 p.m., Friday, 27th October (through November 7th)

by Kirby Congdon…….

The movement in our society toward women’s rights appears continuous with the exposure of public bullies in business or politics. A more voluntary action is often found in creative work. Hazel Griffiths’s paintings, “Dreamlands and Soulscapes” (using encaustic wax) at the Gildea Gallery (on Southern Street, near the bank, between Simonton and Duval) reflects this freedom. Her paintings are bold and imaginative, holding our attention. Her technique supersedes the more timid style one sees too frequently of colored stripes laid down in juxtaposition, like a dressmaker’s file drawer. This viewer felt relief at Ms. Griffiths’ new show at the Gildea Gallery with its expression of unexpected ideas, and was prompted to say so herewith.

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