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by Bert Sise…….

To the Editor,

The events of this past week have proven, without question, the power of money! NRA money to be specific. If I hear one more politician say “thoughts and prayers”, I might have to be restrained!!!

What can we do? For one thing we can ask every candidate what their stance is on the issue and if they have taken money from the NRA. We can also make sure we vote out of office every one of the “now is not the time to talk about guns” cowardly bastards that refuse to do the right thing.

Why was the assault weapons ban allowed to expire? The NRA wanted it to expire. They (the NRA) are not representatives of gun owners, they are a shill for the manufacturers! $$$ Follow the money! No civilian needs an assault weapon.

There are 2 bills in the works in Tallahassee right now that need your attention. SB196, prohibits the sale of assault weapons and HB231 prohibits the sale of any weapon to anyone charged with domestic violence. It’s a start.

When you call your Florida elected officials about what they intend to do about GUNS, be sure to talk about these 2 bills. Then call Rubio and tell him he has blood on his hands. We cannot let this go. It must be one of the issues in this year’s elections.

I spent some time this weekend looking at the list of donors to Carlos Curbelo. Wow! He is owned by some big insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, banks and investment firms. It certainly explains a lot of his votes.

If we want change in government, we must change our representation. They work for US! Let’s make sure they hear us!

Bert Sise/Chair KeysDems

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2 thoughts on “GUNS

  1. I will never give up my right to have a gun. Had my first 22 rifle at 12 and still own it.
    Criminals will always find a gun.Break in to my house and you get a hollow point 38.
    Yes is a new problem that needs handled. As a kid i was raised to have respect for laws, parents and guns. And back then parents would and did use a belt. I was great at not getting caught or would still have an ass hurting..

  2. Based on all I have read and seen on TV and online about the NRA, it is a religion and its god is guns.

    There is one reason for the design of an AR 15, and that is to kill as many people as possible, as fast as possible. It is not designed to hunt, say, deer.

    Although I do not now own a gun, I have owned in the past, shotguns, .22 rifles, and a S & W police .38 special.

    I am not against guns.

    I am against whackos having guns.

    I am against young people having guns not designed for hunting, say, rabbits, squirrels, deer, antelope, wild sheep, elk, moose, bear, hogs, dove, quail, ducks, geese, etc.

    I am against religious fanatics, which is how I view the NRA, based on its behavior and actions going back decades.

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