Gruesome Discovery Rocks Key West Anchorage [Video]

by Naja and Arnaud Girard……….


What happened aboard this sailboat is still a mystery.  Unfortunately, the only eyewitness is the victim’s dog.

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7 thoughts on “Gruesome Discovery Rocks Key West Anchorage [Video]

  1. Naja & Arnaud,

    Magnificently put together, expertly designed and succinct.

    Thank you for the in-depth development of said story.

    Blessings & Respect…

  2. Totally uncalled for dig on pit bulls there at the end!

    The poor dogs owner died and he was stranded on a boat alone for more than 5 days.
    I imagine he was frantically trying to get his owner up and the hand just came off.
    There was NOTHING in the report to suggest that he was mauled by his dog.
    And for you to suggest it is grossly offensive and inappropriate.

    1. I don’t think they said anything spiteful about pit bulls. At most it is just an explanation about the arm. I do hope the syringe is investigated as to what it was. Very sad and hard story to report.

      1. Nothing spiteful?
        “This is the Dog, Frankie. Did he really dismember his owner? Pitbulls have certainly had their share of controversy. Their fans, however, swear they are gentle creatures”. All while showing the 2 dogs playing, showing teeth and biting at each other.
        Frankie was supposedly on the boat for days waiting for his owner to come to. Probably trying to wake him up, grabbed his wrist and it tore off.

  3. Update: The coroner confirmed the dog had eaten parts of his owner’s arm after death – human tissue was found in the dog feces found aboard the vessel. The man died of a drug overdose.

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