John Donnelly

by John Donnelly…

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has a significant number of ineffective leaders, compromised supervisors and rogue agents being recycled within their ranks. A plethora of documents and investigative reports have surfaced, attesting to this fact.

A local (Key West) FDLE special agent is alleged to have violated her own “Ethical Standards” on how to conduct an accurate and viable investigation. In addition to disregarding these policy guidelines, it appears that this agent may have broken the law regarding her questionable conduct on another matter.

Thus far, nothing of significance has been done to discover the truth, as it relates to the aforementioned concerns. If guilty, we are no closer to punishing this agent’s two alleged instances of misconduct. However, we the taxpayers have been punished, as we are forced to pay her excessive salary and benefits package, while she sits at home and does nothing (suspended with pay).

Starting with this field agent, right on up the chain of command to her supervisor, district manager, regional director and the commissioner of said agency; all of these law-enforcement officers  must be held accountable for allowing this agent to allegedly disregard the law and harm the general public.

Dereliction of duty and negligence by sworn officers of the law, are extremely serious matters. Left unchecked these abuses can blossom into a pattern of corrupt behavior, which will damage the integrity and credibility of law-enforcement, as it injures the very people they have sworn to protect and serve.

FDLE needs to grasp the gravity of this matter, as it’s not going to go away. If they desire to restore honor and trust within their organization, they must get on the ball and demonstrate some leadership; reassuring the concerns of taxpayers that fund their agency’s entire operation.

An outside, independent examination of all the facts concerning this agent’s conduct, as it relates to an alleged ‘fraud charge’ must expeditiously be completed.

Along with examining her current charge, this agent’s alleged role in violating FDLE’s ‘investigative standards’ concerning the ‘in-custody’ death of Charles Eimers, while in the hands of the Key West Police Department, must be thoroughly investigated, as it may have been involved in an alleged cover-up.

Many Floridians, along with a nation tired and frustrated by fanciful rhetoric, seek and expect the truth from law-enforcement and the state attorney’s office.


A credible, honest, transparent, unbiased and complete investigation, which secures and examines all of the evidence related  to this agent’s conduct on both matters, is not a hard thing to do; unless deception, obfuscation and obstruction are a part of the process.


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