Sep 292017

The first FEMA travel trailers were delivered on Wednesday to Naval Air Station Key West. They are for eligible residents approved by FEMA through individual assistance.

To date, FEMA has approved 84 travel trailers for Monroe County survivors who have lost their homes or their homes are too damaged to live in.

“This is great news,” Monroe County Assistant County Administrator Christine Hurley told the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners at their monthly meeting Wednesday night.

Hurley, who has been leading the “Recovery” operation for Monroe County Emergency Management following Hurricane Irma, said the goal is for FEMA to place the trailers on pads in the near future. They become livable as soon as they are hooked up to electric and water/sewer.

These trailers could be put on approved private property sites or at six larger sites for multiple trailers that have been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers and have been sent to FEMA for that agency’s approval.

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