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FEMA Trailers

by Dr. Larry Murray…….


Where are all the FEMA trailers?  At one point, the community was promised that there would be 80 FEMA trailers on the property of the old Road Prison.  It was touted as an ideal location as it would be easy to make the necessary electric and water connections.  Now, I cannot find anyone who will admit to ever having made such a promise.

I have communicated with a number of people at the county and none of them have any idea whether there will ever be FEMA trailers.  The FEMA program providing hotel vouchers expires January 7, 2018.  Let us hope that it is extended because there will be no trailers into which those people can move, or anyone else for that matter.

Larry Murray

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2 thoughts on “FEMA Trailers

  1. It seems that some 47,000 people in Texas are still in hotels – although FEMA seems to take delight in waiting until the last minute to notify people that they can stay longer. My experience with them revealed a total lack of communication WITHIN the FEMA organization, not to mention that they kept revising the procedures. Eventually, they’ll get it right.

  2. Let’s hope they get it right! A recent article in the Miami Herald about FEMA trailers nationally more than suggests that the program is in disarray. My guess is that additional FEMA trailers will never come to Monroe County. We shall see.

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