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Chief Lee received a letter from Paige M. Fitzgerald, of the Criminal Section of the United States Department of Justice, regarding its investigation of KWPD’s role in the Thanksgiving 2013 in-custody death of Key West visitor Charles Eimers.

The following is the text of that letter: 

Dear Chief Lee:

            The Criminal Section of the Civil Right Division enforces the federal criminal civil rights laws, such as the willful abuse of authority by public officials that deprives individuals of liberties and rights defined in the United States Constitution or federal law. We evaluate allegations of civil rights violations to determine whether the evidence and circumstances of the case warrant a federal criminal prosecution.

            We received a complaint that officials of your agency may have been involved in violating the civil rights of Mr. Charles John Eimers. We recently completed our review of the results of the investigation of that complaint to determine whether a federal criminal prosecution was warranted. After careful consideration, we concluded that the evidence does not establish a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes. Accordingly, we have closed our investigation. Please be advised that our conclusion in this matter does not preclude other components of the U.S. Department of Justice from taking action, where appropriate, under their separate enforcement authority.

            This Division is dedicated to the enforcement of federal criminal civil rights statutes. We appreciate your cooperation in our shared responsibility to ensure the impartial and effective enforcement of our laws.



Paige M. Fitzgerald

Acting Section Chief

Criminal Section


Here is a copy of the signed letter.

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NOTE: KWPD spokesperson Alyson Crean informed The Blue Paper that the City did not receive a copy of the Justice Department’s investigative report.

Stay tuned….

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  1. They could have not possibly had all of the evidence including the actual videos including the video depositions; yet, what did they read or view to come to such a conclusion? Hitler would be proud. This conclusion should surely wake us up to what type of administration we have. Think about this very carefully people.

    I have watched hundreds of police brutality videos and this murder of Charles Elmers ranks in the top 5 as the most outrageous. As far as total corruption of a city, KW ranks number 1. This just adds fuel to the fire to allow continuous corruption and the violation of every right that our constitution guarantees. This proves that many conspiracy theorists may be correct in their assumptions. Power has totally corrupted this country. We are no better off than any 3rd world country.

  2. Would like to say I am surprised but am not. To anyone seeing the video it is clear he was violated. It clearly shows him getting out of his PT cruser walking about 15 feet and laying face down on the beach. Nobody could make surrendering any more simple. All it needed was to place cuffs on him. But clearly that was not enough for the KWPD. Some degree of thinking needed applied here. This man had just been pulled over for a minor trafict violation and then took off. That in itself tells you that the man had a serious mental issue to even think of leaving. The actions at the beach show a very poor way to end this.

    The real issues began with the destruction of evidence and purjury by officers and deliberate intention to conceal evidence offered them.

    The lack of any officers getting charged for misuse of force harms KW by the chief.

    You have likely cost the loss of many tourists in the future as this has gone national by internet. Must be a fine day for Lee to get away with yet another misuse of power. But as most know they stick together and are all part of a system of we never find each other guilty.

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