Feb 192016
Nancy Chatelaine and Robert Keeley.

Nancy Chatelaine and Robert Keeley.

FAVORite People of the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges: Nancy Chatelaine and Robert Keeley.— Nancy Chatelaine and Robert Keeley pause a moment among their duties as members of FAVOR, the Friends group to the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex.

Chatelaine has volunteered for 6 years, inspired not only by the land, water, weather and creatures but by “the smart, talented, creative individuals” of FAVOR and the Refuges. “It is an incredible opportunity for me to live here, interact with the wildlife and an honor work with them,” she says. 16 year FAVOR member and current president Robert Keeley has lived here since 1977.

The Cudjoe Key resident loves the many Keys characters he’s gotten to know along the way and all that goes along with island life. “Anywhere in the Keys you can hop on the watercraft of your choice, escape modern society’s terrestrial entrapments and in minutes find yourself immersed in nature’s solitude,” he says.

Together with FAVOR and the Refuge they’ve created the upcoming Outdoor Fest featuring four action-packed days in all four refuges. Filled with family-friendly, mostly free outdoor adventures and hands-on activities, the Fest is set for Thursday, March 17th through Sunday, March 20th.

“When I need my Nature Rx I know where and how to find it,” says Keeley.

Find yours now: visit www.favorfloridakeys.org/outdoor-fest for more information. Brought to you in part by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council.

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