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by John Prosser…….

In the last few weeks, I have read several newspaper articles that included quotes, and heard a radio interview with FKAA’s Executive Director that were fraught with misinformation. FKAA appears to be intentionally misleading public opinion concerning the recent lawsuit against coerced placement of sewage pump stations on private property.

Zuelch claimed that the DOAH already heard a similar complaint: “we have been here before.” He claimed the grinders were judged fine. That is untrue. The Dump the Pumps complaint protested construction permits for an unsafe, fatally flawed overall design that does not even meet minimum standards. Nowhere did it address the specific wrong of grinder pumps being placed on private property against the owners’ will, and those owners being required to subsidize construction with an expensive electrical circuit at their own expense. The past action was intended to cause a redesign of the entire system. This one merely asks that the entire collection system (including every pump station) be on County property and all construction costs be included with the system. Like Marathon.

Zuelch claimed that “The use of grinder pumps has saved a lot of people a lot of money” and “…we pay the majority of the costs” [of connection]. He’s a politician-lawyer, and with due respect, has no clue about connection cost. I am a licensed plumber and GC and can assure you that those with a grinder pump in their yard usually will pay more for a connection than their neighbor connecting at the street. The minimum electrical circuit costs about $1,000 and requires a subcontract. Electrical quotes reportedly have run to $6,000! The grinder pit’s obstruction may prevent use of machinery, necessitating a slow, tortuous jackhammer. But a pipe to the street is usually shallow and retails for only $2.20 per foot (maybe $50 for pipe). The fittings, government fees, septic abandonment, and time requirements are about the same. No contest. And what are privacy and property rights worth? Let those who might save money request grinders on their lots. Justice requires that others have their expenses, property rights and privacy maintained equal to others.

John Prosser
Big Pine

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  4 Responses to “Falsehood”

  1. Was their anywhere in the crap pump process Real honest Eminent Domain was exercised?

  2. These are the same people who wanted to run lines to Little Palm Island resort through old water pipes in Coupon Bight Preserve which could easily have been cut by boat propellers in that shallow water. When they got caught on that they thankfully dropped that idiocy. They also forged a document using the Army Corps of Engineers logo to influence the decision makers and got caught on that one also. Plenty more where these came from if you’re paying attention.

  3. That’s your tax dollars at “work “.

  4. My turn, it’s all about definitions. Def. #1, what does the word “Deemed” mean & how does it apply to The CRWS? Def. #2, when is the FKAA not the fkaa?? Def #3, what is “The Color of the Law” and how does it apply to the CRWS?? The term Deemed Implies an Unwanted transfer of Ownership. ie; FKAA’s-Color or law? Rules state if the FKAA installs something that they OWN on private property “It is DEEMED to belong to that property owner” Is this LAW or Color of the Law?? The FKAA was created as A POTABLE water utility. When The FKAA was Contracted by Monroe County to perform tasks spelled out in the contract documents for the CRWS The FKAA lost its identity as a Potable Water Utility and Became THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR for Monroe Counties CRWS. (Obviously The FKAA still performed Potable water works). Now IF the fkaa (General Contractor-NOT Potable water utility)is installing something that Monroe County OWNS on private property does the Questionable Rule of FKAA (Potable water) apply if the fkaa (G/C) doesn’t OWN whatever device they are installing for Monroe County. So what is this all about?? It’s all about MAINTENANCE of a system that is known to be prone to failure and the operation of Monroe County Sewer system. (Notice–NOT an FKAA’s system). ALL TAXPAYERS in Monroe County- that includes Key West & Ocean Reef, are being scammed and your Tax dollars (excessive and going UP) are being WASTED on things other than what you were led to believe you were Voting for. It’s All a LIE and it’s being expounded upon by Machine Media. As usual, the Taxpayer Looses. And WE keep on ReElecting Them because the Other Guy ?MIGHT? be a crook

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