by Eugene E. Nanay Jr……..

Dear Editor,

Ever since The GOV. gave Big Sugar and Big Agriculture a Get Home Free pass, Blamed the Florida Keys the Polluter of South Florida, and Issued a MANDATE–Every parcel of property SHALL BE connected to a public sewer system it started. Every time the FKAA issued a permit to do anything with the MANDATED public sewer system The FDEP broke out Their Rubber Stamp. It didn’t make any difference whatsoever, A FORGED ArmyCorps of Engineers analysis, A Permit to use existing plastic water pipes lying on top of the Flats supplying water to Little Palm Resort(Big Money), a sewer processing plant INCAPABLE of processing the Actual amount of raw sewerage During the Tourist Season, using Fabricated numbers dreamed up by their Licensed engineers, using those imaginary numbers to Not have to dig the Deep Well, Allowing the FKAA to Not use the  casing Required underneath the 5000+ feet Niles Channel crossing for Protection and Pulling this flexible plastic pipe through a rough jagged bore hole(that pipe IS now leaking), using Inferior materials in their collection system from a SINGLE SOURCE(that’s illegal). And on and on and on. Out comes The FDEP’s rubber stamp. Of course they Deny, Deny,Deny as our Environment continues to go Down the Toilet (Pun intended). So when, Not If, the Pristine waters of Florida Keys turn into a Gigantic Cess Pit and the Reef is Totally Dead all the Bosses will be standing like Pontius Pilot, washing their hands claiming they had nothing to do with it. And us taxpayers and voters just sit on our collective hands engaged in social networking. Wasn’t it some Chinese Philosopher that said Be careful what you wish for.

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