Emergency Medical Services Awareness Week

Division Chief Danny Blanco; Firefighter Brandon Blanco; Captain Wayne Owen; Firefighters Rick Hamel, Brian Rose and Carol Barba, Chief Michael Davila; Rescue Lt. Jason Bogoeff; Division Chief Eddie Perez; Commissioner Margaret Romero; and Firefighters Todd Means and Tom Bellingham.

City Commissioner Margaret Romero, during Tuesday’s City Commission meeting, proclaimed May 22-26 as Emergency Medical Services Awareness Week.

“Our providers are educated and trained to react in a predictable and controlled manner,” she wrote in the proclamation. “They exemplify the dedication of their profession to develop and hone their knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care to our citizens.

“Our dispatchers show fortitude under pressure to assess emergencies and initiate lifesaving help and our responders work hard, their energy and compassion are expected to be inexhaustible.

“We thank and honor our cross-trained firefighter EMTs and firefighter/paramedics,” she continued, “and all who provide an invaluable service to our community by administering high quality emergency medical services to patients with a wide variety of medical needs.”

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