Sep 072018

In a letter to the editor, John Baker writes:

Our Republican District 2 Commission candidate (Michelle Coldiron) won the District 2 Commission primary by losing all but one precinct inside District 2 (won by 5 votes at Precinct 18 in Marathon). The single precinct she won inside District 2 is her home precinct in Marathon and the Middle Keys, the only precinct in our district located in Marathon. That precinct consists of 1,115 active voters across all parties.

Her primary victory was due to low turnout in District 2, the Republican party having 3 candidates, and because of the votes she received from outside our district. It was like Islamorada deciding Key West’s Mayor’s race.

92.97% ($52,360) of her campaign funding is from individuals and businesses outside of our district, (as of 9/4/18) yet, the area she truly represents in Marathon and the Middle Keys is only 9.7% of District 2’s 11,452 active voter population.

Who do you think she really represents when you follow the money? (Financials available to verify via the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections.)

We are already mostly ignored by the Commission and our local community and the Lower Keys need local representation, not another politician bought and paid for by outside parties regardless of political affiliation.

*John Baker
Republican voting for a local Democrat Tommy Ryan for Monroe County Commissioner

*No affiliation with either candidate and no consideration paid to or from anyone for my views.

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