The DNC’s Epic Fail


by Alex Symington…….

I, like millions of other good people in this dubious democracy, woke up November 9 to the news that Donald Trump had garnered more Electoral College votes than Hillary Clinton. There still is the issue that HRC had a surplus of popular votes greater than Obama had to defeat Mitt Romney, but never mind that annoying fact. The rapturous joy of Trump supporters was equaled only by the incredulity of the DNC and members of the Democratic Party. The tsunami of conflicting negative and positive emotions has yet to crest. Those angry, deluded white voters are wallowing in a rare schadenfreude stupor and the DNC is left scratching their collective head. I hate to say it, but it must be said…The DNC blew it! Big time. Their protection of the neoliberal status quo was more important than the country’s well being and they rejected a true populist, only to allow a phony one to win. I’ve been counseled by some of my left leaning friends to move on (pardon the pun) and forget the past and focus on the future. Well, I’m sorry, but I need to speak of this colossal cock-up before even beginning to move on.

DNC, your hubris bordered on the comical, but for the tragic result. You failed to read the pulse of a nation hungry for true populist representation. In your blind ambition and focus on Hillary Clinton becoming “the first female POTUS” you ignored Bernie Sanders both passively and actively. Leaked e-mails from the DNC hierarchy show a clear attitude of hostility towards Sanders and discuss various ways of discrediting him. Your myopic obsession with Clinton, a dictionary definition of a Washington Insider, sealed all our fates. Like it or not, deserved or not, HRC was/is literally hated by a large portion of the voting citizenry and brought mountains of baggage along with her nomination. So, thank you, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. You will forever be remembered as the Bill Buckner of the 2016 presidential election.

But wait, there’s more! The DNC was not the only culprit in this national disaster. Kudos and thank yous must be awarded to our fake fourth estate. Their blatant black out of Bernie was complete from his announcement in April 2015 and for the next eight or nine months he was systematically ignored and when peripherally acknowledged, treated like a political anomaly that would just fizzle out and go away. Even with the mounting evidence to the contrary, even with record numbers at his rallies, (Hillary’s rallies were anemic in comparison) the press continued giving Hillary the lion’s share of coverage of Democratic candidates. In the meantime Donald Trump was media’s golden boy, cash cow and star of the show, racking up billions (with a b) of free coverage. All the major “news” corporations became Trump Media 24/7; the better to sell erectile dysfunction drugs, anti-depressants and beer. Thanks bunches.

Of course, props must be accorded the Orange Comb-Over Elect himself. He started his campaign at Trump Tower June 16, 2015 announcing his intention to run for POTUS. With Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” blasting, he theatrically descended on an escalator to a crowd seeded with paid “supporters” in a practice called “Astroturfing”; paying people to beef up the numbers at a pol’s speech or rally to give the impression of “Grass Roots” enthusiasm. It was quite a show put on by quite a showman and that was only the beginning.

So, thank you to the DNC and all those that made a Trump presidency a reality. Our battered Republic is now nothing but an unpredictable and embarrassing Reality TV show and that’s the good stuff. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” — H. L. Mencken

I must tip my hat. DT has masterfully pulled off the con of the century.


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6 thoughts on “The DNC’s Epic Fail

  1. GM Alex, looks like winter arrived on BPK this morning. Looking at some at the poling results of the election I crunched some numbers. There are 3,141 Counties in the USA, DT-3084, HRC-57. There are 62 Counties in New York State, DT-46, HRC-16. HRC won the POPULAR vote by around 1.5 million votes. Five(5), of the Counties in N Y State are in N Y City, Which HRC won by TWO MILLION votes. The USA has 3,797,000 square miles +/- , whereas N Y City has an area of 319 square miles +/-.= 0.009%. So for ME anyway, to Consider that 3 or 4 Welfare Cities could, by popular vote control the destiny of America is unacceptable. I don’t believe that our Founding Fathers would accept that either???

    1. then perhaps one answer would be to eliminate such outrageous disparity among voting blocks. it’s curious that you have a problem with the “welfare” demographic that may exert undue influence on your democratic utopia, but dismiss the .0001% of the demographic entirely that actually determines who you get to worship for four years. curious indeed.

      1. Sir, welfare is Evil. Obviously you’re aware of TAX FREEDOM DAY, from 1January until 24April 2016 all the people who weren’t on Welfare were SLAVES, because everything you worked for and earned was taken away from you. In 2015 aprox. 212 BILLION dollars was paid out in some form of WELFARE. Continuing, the 21 States that Hillory won(42%) spent 124.7 Billion. The biggest ones–Cal. 43.9B, NYC. 19.7B, Ill. 9.3B, NJ 7.2B, Mass. 7.1B and get this–Wash. DC-Total population 700,000, 1.7B, OK, I’m not a total Ogre and welfare for The SICK and LAME is the charitable thing to do. Notice I said Nothing about LAZY. Now I’m an engineer and therefore by definition Lazy, and basically Don’t care to work. BUT when I have to work to support someone who’s Tooooooooo LAZY to get off their collective asses and take responsibility for themselves I not thrilled. Notice I said nothing about “My Democratic Utopia”. Here how my Democratic Utopia goes. We moved to a more affluent community while I was in Jr. Hi and I came home one day and told my Mom, all the guys are wearing Levis and ive got the crappy Robucks. Iwant some Levis. And my mom looks me in the eye and said GET A JOB. So I did. IF you don’t take responsibility for yourself why should anyone else??

  2. I would have voted for Bernie.
    No way would I vote for Hillary.
    And “the Donald” was another disastrous choice.
    So I cast a protest vote. My dog didn’t win, nor did I expect him to win, but at least I don’t have the shame of having helped elect either of the two Big Mistakes.
    The electorate was manipulated quite well by those that pull the strings.
    The country is torn roughly in half, fighting itself.
    The Donald is filling his cabinet with those least likely to “make America great again”- for its people or world image anyway. Corporate stocks may do well, at least short term.
    I am unsure if it was desired that Hillary win because of the pompous megalomaniac that was her competition, or whether it was desired that he win because of the grifter witch who was selected as his opposition. I’ve heard both theories. In the end, it will not matter. They would each do as told. It’s all a carnival designed to distract and entertain while leaving you with empty wallets. We are on a ship of fools.

  3. I could easily write 10 paragraphs, but:

    Since the election, President-elect Trump’s approval rating has risen from 33% up to 50%.

    Now is the time for Americans to think positive and begin the uniting process, and use the seemingly tireless work ethic of President-elect Trump and his new team of both Conservatives and Liberals as an inspiration in our daily lives – not that some of us need that, but only as a reminder. Strive for greatness, not mediocrity.

  4. Again, the Republic survives due to the genius of the The Founders and their long term vision by including the Electoral College so a small dense (pun intended) area of the country can’t run the rest of us.

    We finally wind up with a President who is a businessman not an attorney. We have needed this for decades. He’s familiar with the what it takes to be CEO which is what a President actually is. The Congress is the CFO and maybe they’ll start doing their job. The SCOTUS along with the Congress is the Board of Directors who can rein in the POTUS when needed.

    So far his choices for the cabinet etc have been successful people, not bureaucrats in the sense of them being the Establishment political mob. Though in my view, he could get rid of about 10 cabinet executive departments and we’d never miss ’em.

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