Choosing a State Attorney [video]

Warning this video contains some graphic images.

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17 thoughts on “Choosing a State Attorney [video]

  1. I am so surprised that no one asked why Vogel hired an ” expert ” to testify for the police at the grand jury hearing. To me that shows a little to much ” cooperation ” with the KWPD , and highly unusual for an officer of the court charged to trying to find the truth. I support anyone but Vogel.

  2. Wow…Just wow….Catherine , you lost me. Some of our KWPD simply got away with murder with your assistance… Thank you, Blue for exposing this travesty of jurisprudence. Voting for Shad.

  3. Vogel will not prosecute a Bubba. (Will she, Bob Dean? Will she, Hospital board?)

    Vogel will not prosecute against police. I watched Ward’s signs being removed from amongst others by a woman in a Sheriff’s Dept car along US1 during his first run for office. Every sign. The trunk was full. Ask yourself why? Who authorized that use of public property and manpower? Charles Eimer’s public murder by police you saw right here, and you saw the cover-up by FDLE exposed right here. You watched the videos of false sworn testimony by KWPD officers right here. Yet Vogel sees no wrong.

    Vogel will not prosecute against a County official. (Will she, BOCC and certain staff?)

    Vogel will not prosecute against a State entity official. We see that with the hospital
    We saw that with the residence frauds by two FKAA Board members, and we saw it with countless more serious crimes authorized and defended by FKAA officials and their accomplices at the County.

    If you visit the FL State Attorney General’s website, you will discover that her office exists to defend the State. Who defends the people against criminal and malfeasant government officials…. including regional State Attorneys?

    After watching what Vogel has NOT done, if you vote Vogel back in, you deserve the consequences. This is beyond political parties. You will not go to hell for voting outside your party affiliation. Put Ward back in office, and if you can’t stomach Ward for some reason, then vote Libertarian. Just like last time, you will see every effort by the Bubbas to have Vogel as State Attorney. I wonder: Will that include some election fraud?

  4. vogel is an absolute disgrace… and that is why she will undoubtedly be re-elected. doesn’t matter what the voters do, though unlike national and state elections, i would still urge people to vote just in case the “rigging” is somehow bungled. but with the off camera voice telling her to “kill the question” it appears as though the “system” (small part of it that it may be) has spoken. sort of like cnn “losing” its signal every time someone starts to speak the truth…
    in the end, it really doesn’t matter who gets in office; it’s the power structure itself that requires dismantling. merely changing the cogs that make it run does nothing.

    but again, that vogel is a real piece of work.

  5. I’ve already voted and for me it was anyone other than Catherine Vogel. I am a lifelong Democrat but I could not vote for her. What she did in the Charles Eimers murder was unconscionable and I believe she stacked the Grand Jury to ensure there would be no indictments of KWPD cops. She hired an expert witness for the cops and she acted more like a defense attorney for them than our State Attorney. I also believe she purposely made no effort to secure the second video which proved beyond a doubt that KWPD cops lied in their testimony. How she could sit there and say that the second video did nothing to contradict the cops testimony goes beyond belief. She lists as one of her reasons to re-elect her is she improved our relationship with law enforcement. Well, I have no doubt about that and was probably the biggest truth she told that entire night. I believe she is incapable of prosecuting anyone in law enforcement or any bubba.

  6. From the get go, the “FDLE’s Alleged Investigation” of the in-custody death of Charles Eimers was fraudulent. Nothing of any worth nor value was ever going to come out of it. Garbage in, garbage out.


    State Attorney Catherine Vogel Knew about the policy violations , improprieties and the potential criminal conduct that could arise, stemming from a flawed and defective investigation. However, Vogel stuck with the “Charade” that “SHE OVERSAW”.
    She never intervened on the side of Justice, so that the light of truth might shine on all the circumstances that caused this elderly, disabled, innocent and defenseless man to be slaughter.

    Instead, Vogel allowed what appears to be a clear and convincing “LIE” to move forward; and then She presented it to the grand jury as an ACCURATE & Honest Investigation. There much more to it. For the sake of brevity I’ll proceed.

    After an extensive and in-depth review of the evidence, it’s apparent to me that CATHERINE VOGEL DID NOTHING TO SAFEGUARD & PROTECT MR. EIMER’S’ LEGAL & CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

    As the Chief Law-Enforcement Officer of Monroe County, VOGEL ‘s authority and involvement in this very disturbing matter, is total and complete.

    Although extreme, this is ONLY ONE case Highlighting Vogel’s ineptitude and gross neglect, to the point, in my view, she should never see the inside of a courtroom.

    Vogel’s supervisory role in this Barbarity, places her in the thick, of what many consider to be a “Cover-Up of an illegal Killing”.

    This tragedy is not done. It will never be over. Supervisors with Integrity and credible investigators with honest eyes, will come up with the TRUTH, based on the evidence already in Vogel’s possession.

    ILLEGAL Killings and or MURDER haven’t any statute of limitations…

  7. So happy to see so many negative comments about Vogel!! She is incompetent and needs to go back to sewing and cooking. Her behavior was predicted when she ran against Dennis Ward, but no one listened.

  8. I recall the days when Mark Kohl was State Attorney. NOTHING ever happened under his watch, so I was glad to see a new face come along and Dennis became our new State Attorney. Dennis seemed to treat everyone equally – NO SPECIAL TREATMENT for those who thought they were “special” or above the law. But Dennis prosecuted some of those special people (also known as bubbas), and saw that they were held accountable for their actions. These bubbas, their relatives, friends and neighbors voted as a block against Dennis who lost the election to Ms. Vogel. She then promptly hired Mark Kohl back to work with her in the State Attorney’s office.

    When I go to the polls, I try to look at people objectively. How they served in their position and what they have accomplished. I felt Dennis treated everyone equally. NO special treatment for a few. Under the current State Attorney I have been very disappointed in the handling of the Charles Eimers Grand Jury case and now her lack of interest in our Lower Keys Hospital situation. We ALL are dependent on this sole hospital for our well-being. The hospital has been caught in lies (Trauma Star availability), outrageous price gouging and serious ethical and safety concerns.

    I want a State Attorney who upholds the law and protects the everyday citizen. Dennis you have our vote. We need you back!

  9. Contra Puncto:

    Yes Sir…Concur Completely…With punishments and consequences commensurate with the collective harm and injury incurred by an innocent and unsuspecting electorate.

    Blessings & Respect…


    Vogel apparently doesn’t know the law, or perhaps miss-represented the law, to cover her inaction regarding the alleged scamming, price gouging and kickbacks identified in complaints, and to the best of my knowledge brought to her attention, by the alleged victims of said crimes; allegedly suffered at the hands of the “Lower Keys Medical Center”.

    By Vogel’s own admission, if the public part of that hospital was established by government and staffed by government appointments, it can be investigated.

    The findings can then be brought to a grand jury. And corrective action can then be taken; so that the defenseless and dependent residents of the Lower Keys can receive emergent and competent medical attention.

    Vogel’s convoluted and twisted comments and logic in the Video, appears to be disingenuous and deceptive. Why would any public official in their right mind want to play around with people’s lives.

    Ms. State Attorney Vogel, why do you appear to be unaware of or confused about the law? Why would you allow our fellow citizens to be allegedly abused, mistreated, stolen from and maybe even injured or killed by a Hospital, without launching an immediate, thorough and credible investigation?


    In addition, your apparent incompetency or lack of knowledge of the law, caused you to “Miss A Deadline”, concerning a filing that needed to be made, in order to put the death penalty on the table; concerning the barbaric slaughtering of a Mother and her Partner in their Home, while their small children were present.

    These traumatized children roamed the house, attempting to wake their parents from their bloody mess for many hours before they were located. Under your lack of leadership, the case against those charged with these crimes has already begun to unravel.

    For your information Ms. Vogel, Florida has formally overhauled its death penalty, approving changes meant to allow the state to resume executions while also revamping how death sentences can be handed down in the future.

    Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed the new bill into law on Monday morning, four days after state lawmakers agreed to send him the legislation (Washington Post–March 7, 2016)…

  11. I have heard that in response to Dennis Ward’s closing statement that States Attorney Catherine Vogel allowed over a dozen cases to drop by not filing in time. My concern is whether this is laziness and incompetence as Dennis claimed, or were those cases politically connected “Bubbas” who will never be prosecuted while Catherine is our chief law enforcement officer. How can we be safe in a community without justice for all?

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