Nov 062015


Key West Police Chief Donie Lee Thursday presented Officer David Kouri with a Chief’s Commendation in recognition of his role in the arrest of a dangerous suspect.

On Oct 25, local law enforcement located and converged upon a house in Key West where Timothy Thomas, an armed and dangerous suspect, was hiding. He was wanted for a violent home invasion robbery and for shooting a Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy. The suspect was armed and had been shot the night before when he exchanged gunfire with MCSO deputies. During a standoff that lasted over two hours, Officer Kouri established and maintained communication with the suspect. His efforts successfully resulted in the suspect’s peaceful surrender to law enforcement officials.

“Officer Kouri’s actions that day defused a situation that had the potential to become deadly for the officers involved and for members of the community,” said Chief Lee. “For his extreme professionalism during a volatile circumstance, I present Officer David Kouri with this Chief’s Commendation.”

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