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The Key West Police Department is once again joining a statewide effort to educate motorists about the importance of using seat belts. The Click It or Ticket campaign is a two-week long program aimed at reminding drivers that seatbelts save lives. Between March 1st and March 14th, law enforcement officers throughout the state will be conducting round-the-clock sweeps for motorists who fail to fasten the safety belts.

During this campaign, it’s also a good time to remind parents that child restraints are vital, and they must be used properly. But children are not the primary audience for the Click It or Ticket campaign. Statistics show that young men between 18 and 34 are least likely to wear seat belts. This year’s campaign dovetails with spring break, the perfect target audience for the Click It or Ticket message.

The campaign, coupled with Florida’s seat belt law, has proven successful over the years. It’s estimated that about 85 percent of motorists use seat belts. Florida law requires the use of safety belts for all drivers and passengers in all motorized vehicles, with some very limited exceptions.

A statewide advertising campaign is aimed at reminding people that seat belts save lives. And if that’s not enough of an incentive, motorists should think of the financial impact – tickets can be expensive!

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  1. Where in either the US or Florida Constitutions is the right granted to the governments to legislate Adult Individual safety laws. This whole individual right to decide your own personal safety as an Adult is another example of big government pandering to big business, the insurance industry. I’m Alive because I wasn’t wearing A Mandated seat belt when I was thrown clears of a 90 mph head on collision. OK I admit that seatbelts MIGHT save lives? but might not. As far as Children are concerned, as they are not adults they are not legally allowed to make decisions. Now The Government steps an After being Bribed by the insurance industry and in realizing that besides the bribes coming from Big Insurance they can come up with another TAX in the form of traffic tickets. Question, how many accidents are CAUSED by Not WEARING seatbelts??? The government instead should go after people Talking on cellphones which cause billions of dollars of medical costs and untold deaths and injuries. We’re a Christian nation that believes in GOD, it says so on our money, and GOD in the Garden of Eden gave us the right as Adults to Take a Bite or Not, The Tax man took that Right away from me. If My insurance company has stipulations about seatbelts, that’s between me and them. There’s no other reason for the government to be involved than collecting Taxes.

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