Dec 072015

UPDATE 8:57 am: No sign of any suspicious person or activity so far at Coral Shores High School as deputies continue to clear the building. All students and teachers are on lock-down status for security reasons. If you are a parent, or other concerned individual, please be patient as we make sure everyone at the school is safe.


At 7:48 a.m., the Sheriff’s Office received a single unconfirmed report of a white male possibly carrying something resembling a gun entering Coral Shores High School. Deputies who were already on campus initiated a school lock-down with the cooperation of school administrators and began clearing the school. More law enforcement officers have since arrived on scene and all are continuing to check the school. No signs of an armed individual have been found so far.
Parents are urged not to rush to the school – you will not be allowed on the school grounds at this time and will only add to difficulties of handling this situation. We will release further information when it becomes available.

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Naja Girard
 December 7, 2015  Posted by at 9:06 am ** BREAKING NEWS **, News  Add comments

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