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Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper…….
Suppose that you are inclined to tell people that you own the Cow Key Channel Bridge and, furthermore, that you are willing to sell it for a reasonable price. And suppose that you hear that there are three Key West residents who might be gullible enough to actually believe that you do own the bridge and who might be willing to make an offer. Who do you think those three people might be?

How about the three members of the Key West Elections Canvassing Board– City Commissioners Jimmy Weekley and Clayton Lopez and City Clerk Cheri Smith. They just voted this morning to allow Bob Dean’s vote in the recent Key West city election to count — even though an investigation by the Monroe County State Attorney’s Office found that Dean doesn’t live in Key West; he lives in Key Haven, which is outside the Key West city limits. The purpose of the Canvassing Board meeting, which was open to the public, was to decide which provisional ballots would count and which would not count. Dean had to vote with a provisional ballot because State Attorney Catherine Vogel had challenged his eligibility to vote in Key West.

It was actually humorous to watch the members of the Canvassing Board struggle, obviously trying to find a rationale to vote in favor of Dean, one of the most prominent citizens in this community. City Attorney Shawn Smith, addressing the board by phone, advised  them that the voter’s “intent” was an important consideration– but that intent had to be backed up with evidence. The State Attorney’s report found that, although the Bahama Street address has been on his voting card since at least 2004, virtually every other document in Dean’s life– like auto registration and his state funeral directors license– carries the Key Haven address. Dean changed the address on his drivers license from Key Haven to Key West just a couple of weeks ago.  Evidence provided by Dean included his voters card and a statement swearing to God that his primary address is on Bahama Street in Key West and not Key Haven.
 That was enough for the Canvassing Board. The vote was 3-0.
 At the heart of this residency controversy is the fact that Dean sits on two important boards– the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) and the Key West Housing Authority. Both positions require that Dean live in Key West.
 For more background information, see our story in today’s Blue Paper.

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Dennis Reeves Cooper
IN THE PHOTO: DENNIS REEVES COOPER PH.D AND BILL O'REILLY. Dr. Cooper founded Key West The Newspaper in 1994 and published the paper for 18 years, until he retired in 2012. In 2001, Key West Police Chief Buz Dillon had Cooper arrested and jailed, alleging that Cooper had violated an obscure state gag law when writing about a police investigation. The journalist-arrested story hit the national news and Bill O'reilly called and invited Cooper to appear on his show on Fox News. Dillon was also invited to appear, but refused the invitation. O'Reilly suggested that Dillon was "hiding under his desk." The ACLU also called and offered to sue the City of Key West on Cooper's behalf. Subsequently, the gag law was declared unconstitutional and the City settled out of court for $240,000. Also, the arrest was a factor in the creation of an independent police oversight board-- the Citizen Review Board (CRB)-- by Key West voters in November 2002. By that time, Buz Dillon had been unceremoniously fired.

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  1. What a sham!!! It sure is good to be a bubba on this island. The fact that there has been less than 100 gallons of water used in 20 months at the Bahama Street address should have been enough to determine Dean doesn’t live there. Hell, if he does live there he obviously never bathes or showers. No one could stand to be in the same room with him. Instead the odor was coming from the three dipshits who allowed his vote to count. Nothing that happens on this island surprises me any longer. The land of the Teflon Bubbas.

    1. “Hell, if he does live there he obviously never bathes or showers.” Or pees or poops.

  2. At least Teflon Don got charges. Dean dont get charges because SA Vogel is corrupt, FDLE is corrupt, FBI is corrupt. They’re all corrupt.

  3. A friend in Nashville, with whom I shared the blue paper articles on Dean the Machine, wrote to me today, “Thanks for the report on the canvassing board decision. Just so happens that I found a picture which describes them.” The photo was of a man in shirt and tie, with his head stuck way up where the sun never shines. He continued, “He continued, “I mean REALLY, even Andy and Barney have it figured out!” A photo of Andy Griffiths and his sidekick deputy Barney saying, “What if there is no conspiracy and our government really is that stupid?”

    I replied to my Nashville friend:

    Well I can’t argue with your diagnosis, even though “they”, I imagine, are convinced “we” are that stupid, and “we” are conspiracy nuts. I wuz just a bit ago lying on the bed after taking a nap, thinking what just went down with Dean the Machine indeed does reveal the true nature of the indigenous Key West psyche, but it’s actually worse than you and I have stated. What it is is difficult for me to discuss with most people I call friends, because I have few friends who attend church regularly. Regular church goers tend to be well aware of demons and demonic possession, although not in the sense they have anything to do with it, other than they know about it. What, however, was just witnessed in the Key West Canvassing Board meeting, especially in the three board members, 2 city commissioners and the city clerk, and their syth master sitting in the audience, that would be Dean the Machine, whose “order” utilizes the dark side of the Force, is the real Key West psyche. So, yes, and despite the New Age saying Evil and demons do not even exist, the same are alive and well and in control of Key West, and have been perhaps since the first member of their order and his black slaves reached Key West, whenever that was. For what “we” witnessed at the canvassing board meeting, was a master and his slaves, whose bidding they obediently did, even though it was clear in the video shot by Arnaud Girard, their souls were still trying to come over to the light side of the Force, but not trying hard enough. Obi Wan Kenobe and Yoda watched on, sadly shaking their heads, wondering if anyone in Key West really saw what really was going on? Saw it enough to know what it was, is. Well it’s all poetry, the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly, and the newest “Starwars” movie is due for December release, “The Birth of the Force”, I believe it’s called. Bodacious, a movie about the birth of God? Ooops, sorry, I know many people are highly allergic to that word, God; they manifest all sorts of squirmings when they hear that word, even church goers squirm, has been my observation, when confronted with something about God in their bibles which does not agree with their syth nature. So, here we are in melting pot, or is it devil’s cauldron Key West, stewing and simmering, squirming and Phariseeing, as the syth machine beat rolls on, as it was in the beginning, it was now and ever shall be, without end – or maybe the church goers are right, there will be a second coming, and, eventually, the syth machine will be dismantled, broken down into molecules, disbanded. Meanwhile, your two pics probably tell it as well as it can be told, if you can’t see syths and their slaves operating in plain view.

    Ciao maim,


  4. What has transpired in Key West is in my mind an ongoing RICO act.
    You have the Bubbas in charge blatantly snubbing their noses at any kind of authority. If twenty citizens were to create petitions with thousands of signatures demanding that the U S Attorney in southern Florida pursue the prosecution and conviction of all elected or nominated individuals involved in purposefully violating the rights of all represented citizens the national newspapers would pick up on and roast the Bubbas. .Call it the First Annual Roast the Bubbas Event.

  5. It certainly looks like the RICO Act could easily be used for prosecution. The evidence is overwhelming and it would be interesting to break down this bubba system and hear about who has what on whom.

  6. The right man won and will continue to win JUST LIKE I SAID BEFORE…… all of you can feel some type of way if you want to but at the end of the day, Bob Dean will always win because he’s not only RESPECTED in Key West but he’s LOVED by many!!!!!

    Thanks 🙂

  7. This just proves that with enough money you can buy votes. And when in KW for FF maybe I will register to vote. For 10 days we will be paying rent. And could spend the night before in a motel just to keep it legal. Bet we use more water than Dean.

    My thinking is you just might have a hell of a lot of mail in ballets for a reason. Will anyone have the time to investigate every registered voter ?

    1. “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin

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