Book Review:

Key West Poet Laureate Kirby Congdon (Photo by Richard Watherwax)

by Kirby Congdon…….

Blue Collar Review
Vol. 20, Issue 4 (Summer 2017)

Several names are familiar. This means, for them, writing poetry is an addiction. That’s my kind of poet. The definition of it all gas to go back to Lucretius. We’re not sure why it works, but we know when it does. Mary Franke tries some experimental phrasing with contemporary references. “I’m letting it ride. My life I mean.”

Don Narkevic’s “Elegy for a Seamstress” ends with “After a prayer they …. decide whose turn to house the Singer / no one knows how to use.”

Another line embedded in the poet’s biographical experience is in the featured poem, “In Concrete,” by Michael Collonnese: “You never forget being expendable.”

The latest issue of Blue Collar Review has the subtitle, “The Fossil Record.” Its cover features a slab of prehistoric stone in which is embedded, like a single line from a poem, your ordinary species of pistol lying there dormant on its side. Hey! This is where the action is, at Partisan Press, P.O. Box 11417, Norfolk, VA 23517.

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