Aug 182017

Left to right, KCB Sgt. Lindsay Birklund, Police Chief Kris DiGiovanni, Sheriff Ramsay and Officer Chuck Griffith.

The Sheriff’s Office purchased five body worn cameras for the Key Colony Beach Police Department. The Sheriff’s Office Information Systems Division also assisted with hands on training for the devices.

“We are happy to help our law enforcement partners with this important piece of equipment,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “Key Colony PD works closely with the Sheriff’s Office and our partnership is a benefit to both our agencies and to the public we all serve.”


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  2 Responses to “Body Worn Cameras for Key Colony Beach Police Department”

  1. Be great if all of them. are required to be used all the time

  2. yes, put them in an area of privilege and melanin free zone. no need to burden the officers in more colorful areas…

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