Couple’s Bar Fight Leads to Matching Arrests and “Shiners”

A couple who just moved to Key West a few days prior were both arrested on Wednesday, July 11, after allegedly getting into an argument at a bar followed by a street fight – with each other.

According to reports, Harrison Rose, 25, went to the Bull and Whistle Bar in search of Nelson Green, 44, because he wanted him to come home. Then a fight broke out between the two – leaving them both with matching “black eyes.”

Police say when they arrived at the scene the two men were standing on the sidewalk a block away on Eaton Street. One was “wearing a white shirt with blood all over it, had a bloody nose and black and blue right eye,” and the other had “a bruised and swollen left eye.”

Officers stated that they could not determine who started the altercation because both Green and Rose claimed they got into an argument. The men stated they were in a romantic relationship, and both admitted to physically striking each other.

According to the report, the two have lived together for three years and had just moved from New York five days before the incident.

Both men were charged with battery.

Note: Information in this crime report was provided by area law enforcement. Please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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