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double murder tavernier

On the morning of October 16th 2015, Tara Rosado’s three small children awoke in their home on Cuba Road in Tavernier and found the bodies of their mother and her boyfriend shot to death in their bedroom.

Investigations by the Sheriff’s Major Crimes Unit reveal that the murder of the Tavernier couple was drug related.

Detective Vince Weiner, working closely with Chief Assistant State Attorney Manny Madruga, arrested two Upper Keys men, 33 year old Jeremy Macauley of Tavernier and 34 year old Adrian Demblans of Key Largo, Monday night in connection with the shooting deaths of 26 year old Tara Rosado and her boyfriend 30 year old Carlos Ortiz. 

“This case involved meticulous investigation and tremendous teamwork by a large number of people,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay in a prepared statement. “In particular, we worked closely on this with our partners at the State Attorney’s Office. This case was a tough one and our thoughts are with the families of the victims – especially Tara Rosado’s children who have been deprived of their mother. We are just glad we were able to bring closure to this case with the arrest of these two men.”

Investigations by Detective Weiner revealed that in the summer of 2015, Ortiz and Macauley were in the process of opening a tattoo business together.  About that time Macauley allegedly came into possession of a large amount of cocaine while fishing offshore of the Upper Keys. According to investigators he distributed portions of the cocaine to Demblans and Ortiz.

At some point, Ortiz and Macauley had a disagreement concerning the tattoo business. According to reports, Ortiz subsequently attempted to extort money from Macauley by threatening to expose his drug activities to authorities. Macauley reportedly told Demblans about the extortion attempts by Ortiz.

On October 15th, Macauley and Demblans reportedly drove to the home on Cuba Road. Macauley, who was the passenger in the vehicle, is said to have exited the vehicle and met with Ortiz. According to reports Macauley followed Ortiz into the residence, where he stayed for several minutes. Demblans, who was driving, remained outside in the car until Macauley exited the residence alone, got into the vehicle with Demblans and they drove away.

Detectives working on the case put together several pieces of information during the course of investigation, eventually leading to identify Macauley and Demblans as the men responsible for the murders. They located text messages and video on cell phones used by Ortiz which revealed his attempts to extort Macauley. They acquired video from surveillance cameras near the Cuba Road residence that showed Macauley and Demblans at the home on Cuba Road the night of the murders. The gun used to shoot Rosado and Ortiz was recovered from the water near Ocean Bay Drive Bridge. A witness later identified the firearm as belonging to Macauley. An IPhone belonging to Ortiz was also recovered from the water in the same vicinity.

Macauley was charged Monday night with two counts of first degree murder; Demblans was charged with being an accessory to murder. Both men were booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

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  2 Responses to “Arrests Made in Tavernier Double Murder”

  1. Horrific-Challenging & Difficult case appears solved via brilliant police work. Patiently and deliberatively proceeding with extreme professionalism, so that closure and a just result might be provided to the children and families of those murdered.

    Sheriff Rick Ramsay and all the magnificent men and women making up his department need to be recognized for the extraordinary work they continuously perform 24/7.

    Those partners in the State Attorney’s Office, I commend your effort with this case. Thank you.

    The steadfastness, determination and inspirational leadership demonstrated by Sheriff Ramsay places detectives and staff into positions to succeed.

    For those detectives and deputies on the ground, diligently working through the many details associated with these murders; words are insufficient to describe my gratitude.

    All suspects are presumed innocent in a court of law. As the case proceeds, I have every reason to believe that the integrity of all evidence will be preserved, so that a just and final result will be arrived at.

    Again, I’ve become accustom to and expect nothing but the best from ‘Monroe County’s Finest’…Thank you.

    Blessings & Respect To All…

  2. I just feel bad for the kids that lost a mother. Anytime people deal with drugs or drug money results like this often will come. Do hope the kids have a dad or relatives to finish raising them.

    And yes sounds like they worked extra hard to solve this case. Sometimes cops do deserve 5 stars.

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