Amphitheater Construction Underway

Jimmy Buffett’s Stage Manager J.L. Jamison, City Project Coordinator Terrence Justice, DL Porter’s Robert Blanchard, Commissioners Clayton Lopez, Sam Kaufman. Billy Wardlow, and Richard Payne, Mayor Craig Cates, Commissioner Jimmy Weekley, DL Porter’s Jeremy Mosher, City Engineer Jim Bouquet, City Engineer Gary Volenec, City Manager Jim Scholl, City Port Director Doug Bradshaw and City Project Manager Kreed Howell.

The community could almost hear the strummin’ of the six-string today as they gathered at the Truman Waterfront Park for the groundbreaking for the new amphitheater. Among the shovel-toting dignitaries were members of the City Commission as well as J.L. Jamison, Jimmy Buffett’s stage manager. Jamison has been working as with the City regarding the sound design of the new facility.

The amphitheater, which will provide a gathering space for a variety of community events, is expected to be completed in late September.

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