Jun 162018

The Sheriff’s Office is warning residents again about thieves posing as local deputies in phone calls threatening to make arrests on false charges. On Saturday, June 16, they issued the following statement:

“The latest incident occurred Friday in which a woman went to the Sheriff’s Office Cudjoe Key Substation to report that a caller posing as a detective told her she missed a court hearing. The caller falsely identified himself using the name of a real Sheriff’s Office detective. The caller falsely told the woman she was fined $1,500 and that she needed to pay it using pre-paid gift or pre-paid debit cards. The thief used public information to use illegally pose as the Sheriff’s Office detective.

The incident is not unlike a recent case in which a scammer called an Upper Keys resident stating he/she had missed jury duty, which was false. The real number for the Sheriff’s Office Substation on Plantation Key was used. The caller also told the resident they needed to pay fines using pre-paid cards or face arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office will never ask residents to pay for fines in such ways. If you receive a call of this nature, hang up. It is a scam. Contact the Sheriff’s Office or police. “

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