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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Adoption by Shepherd Care, an adoption services provider with over 30 years of experience helping birth parents, adoptive parents, and children in need domestically and internationally, is gearing up for its annual summer hosting program for Colombian orphans. This summer’s hosting program will take place from June 28 – July 12 and includes nearly a dozen children from Colombia between the ages of 10 and 14. With each year that passes the chances of finding a permanent home in a loving family declines for these older children, however, through the annual summer hosting program the Colombian orphans get a chance at experiencing family life and culture in America.

“We’ve noticed that many people do not seriously consider adopting an older child until they actually get to know one, and this is the main reason why hosting programs such as this one can be very successful,” said Miranda Thomas, adoption coordinator at Adoption by Shepherd Care. “Host families play an influential role whether it’s considering adoption for themselves as they host the child, or in bringing that child into contact with other people in their lives who may be interested in adoption,” adds Thomas.

During the summer hosting program the children get to experience day-to-day family life and are introduced to their host family’s neighbors, coworkers, friends, and people from their place of worship. The host family and children also get to participate in multiple outings, including pool and beach parties, picnics, barbecues, trips to local amusement parks and more.

To help make this year’s summer host program a success, Adoption by Shepherd Care needs the help of the local community. Specifically, Adoption by Shepherd Care needs assistance in locating potential host families throughout Florida as well as individuals and/or companies interested in sponsoring some of the children’s summer activities and other travel-related expenses. For more information on the summer hosting program, please visit www.SummerHosting2017.com or call 954-981-2060.


About Adoption By Shepherd Care

Adoption by Shepherd Care was founded in 1980 as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency. Our mission is to provide competent and compassionate adoption services to birth parents, prospective adoptive parents, and children needing a forever family. Adoption by Shepherd Care’s main program areas include comprehensive services to expectant parents, domestic adoption services, international program in Colombia, domestic and Hague-approved international home studies, post adoption supervision, and pre-arranged adoption services.

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