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Academics vs. Sports at Keys High Schools

by Larry Murray…….

Dear Editor,

If you are interested in obtaining insight to the mindset of the typical Keys high school student, I urge you to read the “Prep Sports: Class of 2018 Senior Spotlight”.  This is a daily feature on the sports page of the Key West Citizen. The Citizen has published this feature for a number of years and I find the comments very insightful.

I urge you to pay particular attention to the responses to two questions: “Regarding the sports you play and academics, what’s more important in your life?” and “What goals do you have next year, academically and/or athletically?”. The responses to those questions are, I think, very enlightening and informative. They tell you a lot about student attitudes, what they think and believe, especially with regard to the importance or lack thereof of academics.

I will not say any more about the content of the answers, leaving it to you to be the judge.


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One thought on “Academics vs. Sports at Keys High Schools

  1. Lots of cash going through sticky hands at conch’s games. Time for some public records requests. I assure you, you won’t like what you find.

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