“Key West has an ordinance that prohibits independent Uber drivers.

Beginning July 1, drivers for Uber/Lyft may find themselves under arrest if they continue to drive passengers without a City vehicle-for-hire license.

For several months, the City has attempted to inform the community that it provides only 56 such licenses, all of which have been issued. Operating without this license is against the law and punishable as a second degree misdemeanor, which is subject to a fine up to $500 and/or up to 60 days in jail.

Despite warnings and an awareness campaign, complaints continue to roll in that these illegal vehicles for hire are running in the City. So, beginning July 1st, Key West Police officers have been instructed to arrest any driver violating the City’s vehicle-for-hire ordinance.

This service threatens to put people who are probably otherwise law abiding citizens under arrest. We strongly encourage everyone to obey the ordinance.”

~ Alyson Crean, spokesperson for KWPD and City of Key West

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