Norway’s Berserk Bastards Invade Key West

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Prepare to be invaded by the only real Viking pirate band in the world! The Berserk Band was established in Cuba 2007 under the name “Cuban Bohemian Refugee Orchestra” during the expedition of the sailboat “Berserk” through the Northwest Passage.

The “Berserk” met the US sailboat “FUBAR” and the music adventure began. The first tunes were jammed into shape during Caribbean sunsets and late nights into early mornings, fueled by a whole lot of rum. The tunes later became singalong songs on deck, and the lyrics were written as the expedition went along.

Back in Norway, after successfully completing the arctic expedition, the Berserk Bastards was born. Their genre-bending music is an undefinable varying blend of pirate, rock, gypsy, and reggae. The songs have been recorded in different studios around the world with local heroes and vagrant vagabonds. Key West’s Stephen LaPierre produced the album, and arranged for them to come here for a couple of weeks.

They’ll be at Coast, 6404 Front Street, Stock Island, Saturday evening, opening for The Hackensaw Boys from 6-7 PM, then at The Salty Angler, 1114 Duval St., Saturday night 9-11 PM, and The Green Parrot for a sound check Sunday at 5:30 PM.


You’re listening to <strong><em>Into the Sun</em></strong>, fromThe Berserk Bastards’ album “Sailing Away.”

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