2015 Annual Report


The City of Key West released the 2015 Annual Report, giving the community an insight to the accomplishments of city government over the past year throughout the various departments. The report is available on the City’s web site at www.cityofkeywest-fl.gov.

“I’m pleased to say that each department within the City was successful at providing essential services while staying within stringent budgetary guidelines,” said City Manager Jim Scholl. “I’ve always said that, in addition to our responsibility for the public’s welfare, we have an obligation of fiscal responsibility with taxpayers’ money.”

This is the 7th year that the Annual Report has been an electronic-only edition. That means a “green” report and an important savings of precious taxpayer dollars. However, if anyone is unable to access the electronic report, the City can supply a print copy: Just contact Communications Manager Alyson Crean at 305-809-1058.

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