100 Candidates Pledge to Support Fracking Ban in Florida

floridians against frackingOver 100 candidates have pledged that, if elected to serve on federal, state or local levels, they will fully support a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and all other forms of well stimulation for oil and gas, with the exception for conventional oil drilling. These candidates represent all areas of the State, from the South to the Northern Panhandle. They all understand that their names will be available to the press and public to help voters decide which candidates best align with their values and issues of interest. Here is the link to see candidates’ names and offices they are seeking.

These candidates represent some, or all, of the over fifty percent of Florida counties, plus numerous cities, which have passed Fracking Ban Ordinances or Resolutions to protect Florida’s fragile, sinkhole-prone geology, and to protect human health, property rights and our major industries: agriculture and tourism which rely upon safe, dependable clean air and water resources. Florida already has serious water scarcity and contamination problems, which fracking would only intensify.

Millions of gallons of our fresh drinking water is mixed with massive amounts of carcinogens and oil company “trademark secret” chemicals are required to frack one well. Studies by leading medical centers have proven that living near a frack site harms fetal health and increases cancer rates.

These candidates understand there is no safe disposal method for fracking wastes which often contain highly toxic radioactive materials, heavy metals and explosives. Deep well injection of such waste has greatly increased earthquake activity in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and other states. In fact, in Oklahoma, there is so much damage due to fracking-induced earthquakes, homeowner’s insurance rates have increased their average deductible from $500 to $15,000, and their monthly rates have increased by 300%.

Candidates were asked to sign this Pledge so that, if any pro-fracking bills come up, these candidates will take a firm stand to support the wishes of their voters.

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