Sep 162017

Beginning Sunday at 7:00 a.m., Monroe County will remove the roadblock from the north end of the Seven Mile Bridge and all residents and business owners of the Lower Keys will be allowed to return.

The checkpoint entering the Keys, in Florida City on U.S. 1, will remain. Only residents, business owners, disaster workers and supply vehicles may enter. Residents and business owners must show either proof of residency or proof of business ownership.

While there will be no checkpoints along U.S. 1 in the Keys, there will be checkpoints at 21 neighborhoods in the hardest hit areas in the corridor between Marathon and Key West. Only residents or business owners, or people contracted to do work for those property owners, will be allowed to enter those locations. This is due to unsafe conditions in the specific neighborhoods.

Here are the checkpoints:

District 1 – Big Pine Key to Stock Island
Long Beach Road: 33 MM
Key Deer Boulevard / Wilder Road: 30.5 MM
New Found Harbor: 30 MM
Ship’s Way: 29.5 MM
Barry Avenue /Pirates Road: 28.5 MM
State Road 4A: 28 MM
West Indies Drive: 27.5 MM
East & West Shore Drive: 25 MM
Caribbean Drive: 24.5 MM
Spanish Main Drive: 23 MM
Ocean & Cutthroat Drive: 22.75 MM
Drost Drive: 21 MM
Crane Boulevard: 19 MM
Sugarloaf Boulevard: 17 MM
South Pointe Drive: 16.5 MM
East & West Circle Drive: 15 MM
Blue Water Drive: 14.5 MM
Boca Chica Road: 11 MM
Active Patrol – Blue Water Drive to Long Beach Road
Active Patrol – West Indies Drive to Ramrod Key
Active Patrol – Stock Island to Big Coppitt Key

District 4 & 5
Coral Key: 63 MM
Duck Key: 60 MM
Coco Plum Drive: 54 MM
Sombrero Beach Road / Anglers Drive: 50 MM
Sombrero Boulevard / 53rd Street: 50 MM

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