May 052018

The Blue Paper is in the process of reconfiguring. We are putting together a daily news team which will add a more positive side to our in-depth investigative reporting. We hope to grow into a sustainable community news publication. Naja has stepped down as Editor but will continue to work with Arnaud on important investigative pieces. Contact Arnaud [305-731-7299] if you are interested in solving the challenges of true independent journalism and please keep sending your support. [Big Red Button to the right.]

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Arnaud and Naja Girard
Arnaud and Naja Girard, owners and editors of the new, digital, Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper) previously reported for the former Key West The Newspaper, Key West’s longest running independent weekly, published by Dennis Reeves Cooper, Ph.D., from January 1994 until November 2012. The Girards are perhaps best known for their discovery of and extensive research surrounding the US Navy’s 1951 claim of ownership of Wisteria Island but are also responsible for top investigative stories including breaking news coverage of the highly controversial in-custody-death of Charles Eimers on Thanksgiving Day 2013, the catastrophic police tasing of Matthew Shawn Murphy, and the property tax scandal involving Balfour Beatty to name a few. Arnaud and Naja have lived in Key West since 1986.


  1. That the copycat dead Jamaican did not have a Jamaican accent and clearly had an American accent should have been the FIRST CLUE for the jail and then ICE thinking maybe he actually was telling the truth.

    It slid straight down into the sewer from there.

    This is the kind sporadic reporting I have been hoping will continue whenever God, the Universe, Fate or Whatever brings something of this magnitude to the blue paper.

  2. Yikes! What a series of events. There’s some serious liability here.

    While his difficulties were disturbing, even more so are how the regular deportees are treated. That’s got to be a three-hour trip to the mainland, and with another 1.5 hours sitting on the bus it’s easy to envision people needing to relieve themselves yet shackled in-place. This is so unprofessional from a corrections perspective it’s simply sickening.

    Reminds me of an incident at Ft. Benning, GA., when I was in the Army. A young man – I’m thinking 19-21 years old – was in the stockade for months because the MP’s insisted he was an AWOL soldier. He rather fit the profile and appearance of a young soldier, and everyone was assuming he was lying about his identity because he didn’t have any I.D.

    No finding the name he gave them as a missing soldier, the said they’d keep him in custody until he fess’d-up to his real identity so the MPs could learn which AWOL solider he actually was.

    He couldn’t give them another name, because he was telling the truth.

    After a few months, family were searching for him and learned he was in the military stockade. He quickly reached a $30k cash settlement from the US Government and was released.

    Unfortunately, he was found dead downtown Columbus, GA about a week later. It was believed he’d been targeted for a robbery now that it was publicly known he had a good deal of cash on him, that was never found.

  3. OK ,but in this day and age everyone needs to carry ID.. Seriously if you even look like you might be illegal you need photo ID.

  4. All aliens should carry papers. Until they are citizens they should do this to prevent a problem. I remember when they all had to report their presence to the government every year. It was a regular government infomercial in January. I have a friend who recently moved to Belize. She and her husband have to report their status to the Belize government EVERY MONTH. So; carrying papers I feel is not asking too much.