Sep 022016

by Arnaud and Naja Girard…….. The U.S. Navy is considering moving some 400 military families to Key West.  They would be supporting the Navy’s new Triton surveillance drone program. According to the Navy, the deployment shouldn’t be a problem, in terms of housing for new personnel, since the preliminary impact study drafted by the US Fleet Force Command shows that the Lower Keys area has a 43% housing vacancy rate. Key West, they claim, is a little bit tighter with only a 34% vacancy rate. The draft [continue reading…]

Sep 022016
City Manager Defends Amnesty Program for Hundreds of Illegal Transient Rentals by Claiming it's Not Happening

Commentary by Arnaud and Naja Girard…….. Four thousand dollars a week is not unusual for the rental of a house in Old Town – as long as you can rent to tourists – that is. Last Wednesday on US 1 Radio’s Morning Magazine, City Manager Jim Scholl went on the defensive amidst accusations that the City has been rewarding illegal transient rental operators. In a story published last week in The Blue Paper we revealed that in 2013 the City had changed the grandfathered-in date in its [continue reading…]

Sep 022016
Update: Jeffery Dunn Found

Note: Dunn no longer has the facial hair shown in the attached picture. Update Sept 3, 2016 11:39 am: The Sheriff reports missing person Jeffrey Dunn has been located near Paradise Drive on No Name Key. He is in good condition. He told deputies he went for a walk after an argument with his girlfriend and got lost. A 56 year old man has been reported missing and detectives say they would like the public’s help locating him. 56 year old Jeffery Dunn of Big Pine [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
100 Candidates Pledge to Support Fracking Ban in Florida

Over 100 candidates have pledged that, if elected to serve on federal, state or local levels, they will fully support a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and all other forms of well stimulation for oil and gas, with the exception for conventional oil drilling. These candidates represent all areas of the State, from the South to the Northern Panhandle. They all understand that their names will be available to the press and public to help voters decide which candidates best align with their values and [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Post Primary Blues

by Alex Symington……. I made a pact with my self that I would reserve judgement on the POTUS candidates until after the primary. The primary is long over, but confusion still reigns. Questionable behavior by the DNC and it’s now-disgraced leadership by Debbie-Wasserman Schultz has left a stink on Hillary Clinton’s legitimacy. Bernie Sanders graciously acquiesced to the supremacy of the Clinton machine and urged his supporters to throw in with his, here-to-fore, political nemesis. It made me think back to when Al Gore acquiesced to [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Mr. Cady

by Kirby Congdon…….. We had a splendid upright piano at home. In the Great Depression I got my first lessons for free by taking a trip with my older sister on the trolley out of town to a teacher working under the Works Progress Administration in West Chester, Pennsylvania. When we moved to Old Mystic, Connecticut, my teacher, Miss  DeeWilliams, came to the house every Saturday and gave me lessons for fifty cents. Mr. Cady tuned the piano for twenty dollars. He pointed out to [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
First General Election Q. and A. Forum - September 26 at TSKW - Final General Election Forum on October 17

HOMETOWN! is pleased to announce its Fifth Event of the 2016 political season A QUESTION AND ANSWER FORUM FOR CERTAIN CANDIDATES ON THE NOVEMBER 8, GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT The Studios of Key West, 533 Eaton Street, Key West, Florida MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016, FROM 5:00 – 7:30 PM Hometown’s First Question and Answer Forum for candidates on the November 8, General Election Ballot is approximately six weeks before the Election and shortly before ballots will be mailed to voters. Key west and Monroe County voters [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Monroe County Partners Go Door-to-Door to Zap Zika

MONROE COUNTY – The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County and Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) hosted five door-to-door outreaches on mosquito bite prevention from Key West to Key Largo, including all military bases and housing in Key West. With the direction of Mosquito Control, nearly 150 volunteers went door-to-door, covering most of the Keys’ hotspots for the Aedes aegypti mosquito – the species found around homes and businesses that can carry the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases. Volunteers spoke face-to-face with [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Holiday DUI Checkpoint

The Key West Police Department, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies, will be conducting a DUI check point on Saturday, September 3rd from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. The checkpoint will occur at Garrison Bight Marina, 1801 North Roosevelt Boulevard, in the city of Key West. During the checkpoint, law enforcement officers from several agencies will be checking for impaired drivers, equipment violations and other infractions. Officers will also check to be sure that drivers have a current driver’s license, registration and proof of [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
We're Off to See...

by Kim Pederson……. August 25 marked the 77th anniversary of the 1939 film Wizard of Oz opening in theaters. August 25 wasn’t the world premiere, however. That happened fourteen days earlier in, of all places, Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Why bring this up now? Because, in an online note about the anniversary, NBC’s Today show reminds us there are still seven lessons to be learned from the film today: Dream big The right shoes can pull a look together Don’t be afraid to ask [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
American Indian Movement--Black Panther Party-- Black Lives Matter--Irish Republican Army (IRA)....

by John Donnelly……. The United States of America was founded upon an individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These unalienable rights identified in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution do not come from government; we’ve been endowed with them by our Creator. Once becoming acquainted with the ‘Law of our Land’, citizens are required to acknowledge and abide by these founding principles. If they’re unable to subscribe to the premise upon which this republic was founded, perhaps it’s time for them [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Farm Follies: The Cheese Stands Alone (With Its Hand Out)

by Thomas L. Knapp……. On August 23, the US Department of Agriculture announced its plan to purchase 11 million pounds of cheese, at a cost of $20 million. The cheese will be “provided to families in need through USDA nutrition assistance programs,” but the real purpose of the purchase is to reduce excess cheese inventories, “assisting the stalled marketplace for dairy producers whose revenues have dropped 35 percent over the past two years.” Economics 101: When so many people produce so much of the same [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Marijuana Legalization: Give Peace a Chance

by Thomas L. Knapp……. On November 8, voters in eight states will decide whether or not to legalize, to one degree or another, the possession, use and sale of marijuana. If all of the measures pass, more than 86 million Americans will enjoy increased legal access to the plant: For medical use in Arkansas, Florida and Missouri, for recreational use in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. Earlier this month, the US Drug Enforcement Administration announced it wouldn’t reconsider marijuana’s ridiculous Schedule 1 status (“no [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Veterans Tell Cuomo: Don't Touch the First Amendment

STOP THE WAR IN SYRIA! Don’t be fooled by war propaganda! St. Louis, MO. Recently, a compelling photo of a bleeding and seemingly confused young Syrian boy seated in an ambulance in Aleppo was widely distributed and commented upon in domestic and international news media. In response, some journalists have called for the Obama Administration to “take action,” including bombing government military targets in Syria. Veterans For Peace feels great sympathy for all of the victims in Syria, and for all who have lost family [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016

The fight to keep zika out of our community has devolved into a bubbling pit of controversy. Vicious attacks are being made against organizations and individuals who are convinced that the use of GMM can be an effective and safe tool in the fight against mosquito borne disease. GMM is the use of genetic engineering to break the reproductive cycle of the mosquitos that are the carriers of not only the zika virus, but other diseases such as dengue fever. By so doing the resident [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
The City Hall Carports: An Open Letter to the City Commission

Dear Mayor & Commissioners, Two things I’d like brought to your attention: I now have evidence showing that the solar array structures are, according to the architect himself,  carports – something clearly prohibited by the HARC guidelines.  The letter, below, from the architect to USBGC Florida, states, “Solar arrays were designed as carport structures”. Therefore, they are in direct violation of HARC guidelines which prohibit new carports highly-visible from the right-of-way.  HARC guidelines state, “The construction of new accessory buildings such as garages or carports [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Building 103

by Ben Volpian……. Why is Building 103 on the Truman Waterfront Park Quay important? Well, 2 major reasons: 1) The city, hopefully with help from the Tourist Development Council, is prepared to spend $5 million on the design and renovation project with preparations to begin in October. 2) If designed and renovated correctly, this building can be a great addition to not only the park, but also for the entire city. Why do I say designed and renovated correctly? The way I see it, the [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Senior Associate Attorney Joins Law Offices of Samuel J. Kaufman, P.A.

The Law Offices of Samuel J. Kaufman, PA is very pleased to announce the addition of Attorney Suzette M. Alfonso. “I take the time to listen and explain your options. Planning becomes a relaxed, informative experience.” Suzette has been practicing law for over 21 years.  The focus of her experience includes Estate Planning, Family Law, Corporate & Business Law as well as Probate and Insurance Defense.  Additionally, she brings many high demand and valuable areas of law to our practice: Medicaid Planning and Elder Law, [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
National Key Deer Refuge Postpones Prescribed Fires on Big Pine Key Previously Scheduled to Occur September 1-3

The prescribed fires tentatively scheduled for September 1st-3rd in the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key, have been postponed as a result of unfavorable wind and moisture conditions. The strengthening and size of Tropical Storm Hermine in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in stronger winds and drying conditions unfavorable to prescribed fire in the Big Pine Key pine rocklands. Although we recently received significant rainfall, factors since early this week such as wind speed and fuel moisture are now outside those desired for a safe and effective [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Worth his Salt: Rick Worth to Exhibit at SALT Gallery with Special Preview September 3

“It only takes a little bit of light to make everything balanced,” says artist Rick Worth, reflecting on his new collection of work, an exhibit aptly entitled “Island Light” which will open Saturday, September 3 with a special preview from 6pm-8pm at SALT Gallery. “You don’t have to go out of your way to be good,” he adds. “Just a nod here and there will keep things in check. A little dab will do ya.” Worth’s personality shines through in his work almost as much [continue reading…]

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Sep 022016
Brass-Infused 7-Piece Psych-Rockers Kansas Bible Company Live at the Green Parrot September 16, 17, 18

KANSAS BIBLE COMPANY – PAPER MOON Kansas Bible Company will make you a believer. A believer in the power of psychedelic rock. A believer in the soulful punch of a three-piece horn section. A believer in music—in this case, music made by seven bandmates and three songwriters, all of whom attended the same Indiana college before moving their operations to Nashville. With their third album, Paper Moon, the band tightens its approach, adding pop hooks and sharply focused songwriting to a sound that was once [continue reading…]

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