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by John Donnelly…….

The United States of America was founded upon an individual’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These unalienable rights identified in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution do not come from government; we’ve been endowed with them by our Creator.

Once becoming acquainted with the ‘Law of our Land’, citizens are required to acknowledge and abide by these founding principles. If they’re unable to subscribe to the premise upon which this republic was founded, perhaps it’s time for them to seek residence elsewhere. For if they don’t they’ll remain testy, sullen and dissatisfied with their lot in life, having no real interest of assimilating and integrating into a society they’re unable to come into agreement with. They’ll be unable to fully participate in the American Experience, realizing the joys, blessings and dreams congruent with the individual rights guaranteed to them in our founding documents. Their contempt and disdain will hereditarily be transmitted to future generations.

The rights and liberties of Native Americans and African Americans were not considered nor factored into the ‘Laws of our Land’. President Thomas Jefferson referred to Native Americans as follows: “This unfortunate race, whom we had been taking so much pains to save and to civilize, have by their unexpected desertion and ferocious barbarities justified extermination and now await our decision on their fate.” His views were comparable with the authors and co-signatories of our founding documents.

African-Americans were considered ‘slave property’, lacking any value or worth as human beings. As such, let your imagination run with the ensuing brutality they faced. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation became law, we continued to have Slave Holding Legislators, Segregationists and Jim Crow laws controlling the operations of government.

The high minded values, liberties and rights that formed our Democratic Republic, were clearly not intended for everyone.

My entire family was enslaved by the British government, while living peacefully in their own country. Their homes, livestock, farms, lakes and pastures; along with everything they possessed of value, were taken from them. My ancestor’s families were split up for the profit and convenience of their British Masters.

Two of my great, great grand uncles were hung by the British Crown, for taking a fish from a lake belonging to their overlord, so they might feed their starving children. Except for a few, the remaining members of my family were murdered less humanely by their slave holders.

The Irish People were allowed to keep only one crop they produced, the Potato. When the potato famine came, and there wasn’t any food for the Irish People to eat; they were not allowed to supplement their diet with any other food source whatsoever. All of the provisions necessary for the Irish People to stay alive were under the absolute control of their British Lords.

If a child took an egg, produce or a fish, so they might not die of hunger; they were beaten, imprisoned or executed. One Million Irish Children, Men and Women were starved to death by the British Government. Another One Million fled the island nation, so they might not die. Ireland lost 25% of its population, due to the British Government’s murder and genocide.

Irish children and citizens died a slow and painful death, enduring excruciating pain, as their British Masters allowed them to starve to death, rather than giving them a morsel of food from their substantial harvests. The People of Ireland received no mercy nor a fragment’s worth of compassion, as they crawled dying on the ground.

Irish children, mothers and fathers died with their Teeth Green; for during the last days of their lives, they ate and grazed upon grass, in the hope their British Slave Lords would have a change of heart and provide them with a crumb or thimble of sustenance.

You wonder why the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was formed… Let not your heart be troubled any longer…

As elementary school children in this country, on the days leading up to and immediately following St. Patrick’s Day, we sang recruitment songs praising the IRA in our classrooms.

Moving further along, many people have longed for a day in our history, when we would live in a world with a kinder, gentler and more humane way of governing.

It pains me to share the following. In the 20th Century alone, governments to include the United States have murdered 262,000,000 Million children and innocent civilians (“Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900”, Professor Emeritus Rudolph Joseph Rummel, Charlottesville, Virginia: Center for National Security Law, School of Law University of Virginia, 1997; and Transaction Publishers, Rutgers University).

That’s an awful lot of killing. It roughly computes to the murder of approximately 7,031 innocent human beings a day for a hundred years. Apparently, governments by their very nature are murderous and dangerous. They cannot be trusted to value and respect the lives of those under their authority. Governments must be reigned in and controlled via the consent of the governed, if we wish to realize the liberties we’ve been adjudicated under law.

Unfortunately, the United States has become comfortable violating its own Laws, when it comes to murder and killing. Unconstitutionally declared wars, illegal invasions, occupations and child/civilian murders (collateral damage); along with Kill Lists, Drone Strikes and Targeted Assassinations; have all become standard operating procedure.

We must not forget when Attorney General Eric Holder shockingly revealed in testimony before congress, that he would NOT rule out a targeted Drone Strike on an American citizen, while said person was living within the borders of the continental United States.

His bold pronouncement offers a scary and frightening policy decision, unabashedly delivered on the floor of the United States Congress, during prime time news coverage. Unlike the secrecy of Obama’s Kill Lists and Suspected Terrorist Watch Lists, no subterfuge or clandestine activity here.

When our civilian leadership feels comfortable acknowledging such barbarity, they believe the debate is over. Compliance with the will of the governed is no longer sought nor necessary.

I hope the government’s intelligence gathering apparatus has improved before they set forth with a drone strike or assassination attempt on an American citizen living in my neighborhood. Killing an innocent and unsuspecting individual at the wrong location, could be messy. They might even mistakenly hit me.

No worries. We have a media that will protect us, they’d never cover-up, conceal or be complicit in such an evil act. But then; they do have their favorite candidates they want to protect and get elected. What am I thinking; collateral damage and murder aren’t big stories anymore, it’s just the price of doing business.

Bedrock authors and writers possessing integrity, an ethical awareness and sound mind; are proficient at examining the multifaceted spheres of reality, through a lens comprising the creative genius they’ve been gifted with, while clearly delineating the facts and truth hidden within layers of narrative subterfuge. They don’t perseverate upon coexisting with political agendas and programmed dialogs proffered by a specific candidate running for elected office. Such foolishness is left for amateurishly diminished upstarts.

Although a recalcitrant and reluctant media downplays the savagery of life in our inner cities; in just one city, Chicago, a free American citizen is being shot on average, every 2 hours. Of those shot, approximately one citizen is murdered every 12 hours. Last month in Chicago (July 2016) a total of 448 innocent men, women and children were murdered. The city government and policies birthed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have created a ‘barbarous killing field” for the city’s children, elderly and ordinary folk. When President Obama announced his choice for chief of staff, he said: “No one I know is better at getting things done than Rahm Emanuel.”

Demanding the guaranteed liberties afforded to us in our Bill of Rights, rather than accepting and abiding by the disingenuously corrupt and negligently ineffective policies of some politicians, is the only fool proof method capable of insuring our survival as a Democratic Republic.

Perhaps the impulsivity of some headstrong and bias media outlets will be tempered by the suffering and pain generated by their liberal leaning ideologies. Particularly, when it comes to covering the horrific consequences and failures of their preferred style of governance, as adhered to by many inner city governments. Perchance, these pundits may be shaken from their self-fulfilling ethos, whereby the conditioned coverage in which they describe the causes of violence in African American communities will no longer be accepted. Time is on the side of Truth; as reality continues to expose a liberalistic mindset that is unfit and unable to address the lethal challenges facing our citizens in these locales.

Life-ending urgencies, as they relate to the copious amounts of violence traumatizing innocent citizens being shot and murdered in America’s inner cities; have significantly worsened under their brand of liberalism.

Conceivably, in the not too distant future, a spark will ignite a consciousness expanding realization, whereby said authors will be driven to authentically explore and factually describe the ghettoized suffering plaguing so many of our Brothers, Sisters and Innocent Children.

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  3 Responses to “American Indian Movement–Black Panther Party– Black Lives Matter–Irish Republican Army (IRA)….”

  1. Dear John:

    I have been trying to find you for awhile. It’s me Margaret Regan. With regards to your article it is right on the money. I saw Kitten on Facebook. Please get in touch with me either on Facebook or at Love Margaret

  2. Dear Margaret,

    Love and miss you. I’m extremely happy that you enjoyed the article and chose to comment on it.

    I’ll make it a point to contact you ASAP.

    Love Always, John

  3. Dear Margaret,

    I’ve attempted to contact you via the given e-mail address. If possible, please re-check and re-submit it on this comments section.

    It’s great to hear from you. So much has transpired through the years. A lot of thoughts, recollections and missed opportunities; such is the nature of life.

    After returning from the War, at some point in time I decided to move on; allowing nothing or no one to stand in my way. The road was rocky; filled with obstacles and challenges. However, I always felt connected to a Power greater than myself that had my back.

    Somehow, someway I was shot forward; being catapulted into a realm of existence that I was unfamiliar with. Maybe it’s simply called growing up.

    Where are you living? Perhaps, in the near future we can meet at a suitable location and get caught up. In the meantime, keep maintaining the beautiful Self that you’ve always been.

    With Love, Blessings & Respect Always…

    PS: After you resubmit the e-mail address, I’ll contact you. Then you can answer question and we’ll exchange information…. Thank you….

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