Oct 022015

Commentary by Dennis Reeves Cooper……. Several years ago, I moved from one apartment to another here in Key West. At that time, I still owned Key West The Newspaper– The Blue Paper– and I was, therefore, a little more concerned about “appearances” than I am now, as an old retired guy. I knew that when one moves, there are laws that have to be considered concerning updating home addresses on drivers licenses, voting registrations, etc.– and although I didn’t really know the details about what legal [continue reading…]

Oct 022015
Are Your Children Safe In School?

by Dr. Larry Murray……. Are your children safe in the Monroe County Schools? The School District, understandably, certainly wants parents to believe that. According to a recent article in the Citizen, Michael Michaud, the District’s Security and Safety Coordinator, said that the main focus of maintenance activity over the summer was to make the schools safer. “The biggest two things we’ve been working on are perimeter fencing and getting all of the school cameras functioning.” Laudatory goals indeed, but how successful was the District in [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015

by Bud Navero……. Imagine retiring after thirty years of teaching and deciding to keep your hand in and pick up a modest income by subbing in the local schools. Anyone who’s been to school knows the travail that can accompany being a substitute teacher. Nevertheless, the idea that someone with outstanding professional credentials would be willing to do such a thing, would seem to be a rare outsized blessing for any school system – they get a seasoned professional working for peanuts in an often [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015
Cudjoe Regional: Is the BOCC Uninterested in Inconvenient Facts?

by John Prosser……. Before the June 10, 2015 BOCC meeting, I delivered two letters to the BOCC at the Marathon Government Center building in envelopes marked “Agenda Item J1 & Agenda Item J2, Public Comment.” Working people have no opportunity to speak when Board meetings are in the middle of the week and the middle of the day. That is why many town councils meet at night. I asked a County employee to please deliver the envelopes to someone who would hand them to the commissioners before [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015
Higher Education - Unbridled Hypocrisy - Advancing An Inferior Product...

Dear Editor, It’s troubling that an accomplished individual would be leading the charge to expand his organization’s ‘carbon footprint’ in the Florida Keys. Particularly, when such action is based upon antiquated data and pernicious principles governing the manner we educate our students. Florida Keys Community College President Jonathan Guevara is pushing for an expansive, unnecessary and ill-advised construction project, which will significantly add to the erosion of our fragile aquatic ecosystem. The massive compilation of concrete, asphalt, glass, noise and pollution; which Mr. Guevara desires [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015
Keep Old Town Old Petition

Dear Editor, I ordinarily don’t send a blanket message to everyone I know who has a link to Old Town Key West, however as of late there has been a great deal of concern over the HARC approval of building plans for a property on Eaton Street which most people said would “never pass in a million years.” Well, it passed pretty much on the first reading! If you’ve been surprised to drive down Simonton Street to see a large rectangular monolith erected in the 700 [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015

by Alex Symington……. I have been following the congressional inquisition of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, President Cecile Richards and it is everything I would expect from the Republican inquisitors. The glee with which Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) attacks Richards for making a decent annual salary would be comical except for its ugly misogynistic tone. This undisguised open disdain for a woman making a respectable income was not overlooked by Elijah Cummings (D-MD). Cummings started by pointing out Cecile Richards’ salary is commensurate with her job as president [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015
You Can Have the Pope- I'll Take the Peace Pilgrim!

  by Ray Jason……. She walks alone and unnoticed down one of America’s scenic but barely-traveled highways. Like any true pilgrim, she is penniless and her only possessions are the clothes on her back. But she also carries precious cargo with her – the message of Peace. For 28 years she quietly delivered her little peace talks wherever people were willing to listen. She was The Peace Pilgrim. He arrives in a motorcade led by a phalanx of motorcycle cops and surrounded by his massive [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015

by Jerome Grapel……. (Quite coincidentally, I was in New York when the Pope made his blockbuster visit to the mega city. It didn’t take long before I was totally “Poped out” under the weight of such an onslaught. If there is one thing I can say for sure about Pope Francis, it is this: his public relation skills are better than anyone who has ever held the Papacy. Whether he can, or intends to back this ability up with the substance of his rhetoric, is [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015
A Modest Grandiose Proposal

by Kim Pederson……. Now that it’s football season again in America, the incidence of televised coin flipping has skyrocketed, as it always does at this time of year. In the NFL, the head referee stands in the center of the canyon formed by various players from each team and tosses a coin in the air. The head captain of the visiting team calls heads or tails and the winner of the toss decides whether to receive the opening kickoff. Whichever team kicks off, the other [continue reading…]

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Oct 022015
Screwed, Blu'd and Tattooed by Reef Perkins... continued

Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins ***Present*** Later that night, after counting his four-hundred dollar jackpot for the eighth time, Blu stole a license plate off an old Yugo parked ass-in near a Guzzle gas station in South Miami. He tweaked the stolen plate onto the Ford then reclined, thumbed through his wad for the ninth time, and watched a watchable girl in cut-off blue jeans punch a handful of quarters into a nearby air pump. The girl had skinny, swizzle-stick legs stuck in [continue reading…]