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Dear Editor,

I ordinarily don’t send a blanket message to everyone I know who has a link to Old Town Key West, however as of late there has been a great deal of concern over the HARC approval of building plans for a property on Eaton Street which most people said would “never pass in a million years.” Well, it passed pretty much on the first reading!

If you’ve been surprised to drive down Simonton Street to see a large rectangular monolith erected in the 700 block, or surprised by the plans for a Truman Avenue restaurant to build in a quasi- modern – retro instead of the historic flavor you’d expect to greet visitors to Old Town, don’t be.

Again, If you’ve been surprised, don’t be. These projects have been greeted by HARC members exclaiming: “This is just what we’ve been asking for!” And “I can barley contain my excitement!” “This is a Grand Slam!”

Please go to the link and sign the petition, whether you are a registered voter, an owner, visiter, or a long distance Conch!

If you know any local Key Wester’s or visitors who would support the movement to “Keep Old Town Old,” help preserve Old Town Key West by forwarding the link to: “Petition to Mayor Cates.”


Thank You!

Mark Jacob
Duck & Dolphin Antiques LLC

PS: Go to Facebook, friend: “Keep Old Town Old”

Yell from a tree top, whisper in an ear… However you do it, get the word out!

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One thought on “Keep Old Town Old Petition

  1. We sadly have watched for over 40 years as Key West slowly has been destroyed. Many of the reasons we loved and visited several times a year are long gone. What we loved was the charm of the old houses, places like Atlantic Shores, the pier show, Fast Buck Freddy. This was all part of what made KW to be something different but the greed of the rich seen it as a way to tear it down and rebuild to make even more money. With all of the changes and the amount of corruption we sadly must say much has been lost. We are looking for better places to spend time at. Your motel and bed and breakfast places have got to the point of far too costly for the quality they offer. You have your tax payers and voters to blame. KW has become a victim the same as many towns. The land is more of value than the building and often is cheaper to rebuild than remodel. Look at the trailer park that housed pier performers. Had to be payoffs to allow a developer to pull that trick off. The replacement looks awful and far from affordable. Only a matter of time before all the old historical places are bought up and replaced. Nothing will stop it because money buys anything. In time your tourist will stop going and nothing will be the same.

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