Apr 242015
Selective Enforcement:  Blacks 6X's More Likely To Be Arrested On Drug Charges

by Naja and Arnaud Girard… The issue of racially selective law enforcement has finally erupted at the highest levels of Monroe County’s criminal justice system. Sheriff Rick Ramsay is “outraged” at the words of Chief Assistant Public Defender Trish Gibson. Data and statistics are flying around. This is a taste of the problem: A female voice is heard, very loud: “Illegal search! Illegal search! What they stop the man for?! They stopped him for nothin.” Spread-eagled, in the middle of Emma Street, being recorded by [continue reading…]

Apr 242015
Here We Are

by Alex Symington…. After attending the annual ACLU meeting, Policing In Paradise, last week at the Harvey Government Center, Key West, I came away with a realization that today’s police misdeeds and brutality are part and parcel to and a direct bi-product of a much greater challenge that America faces; the intentional destruction of civil liberties and social contracts, the corporate co-option of our government and the privatization of nearly everything formerly in the public domain. This phenomenon has not been an organic or random [continue reading…]

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Apr 242015

by Jerome Grapel… (4/15) (Note to the reader: On May 1st I leave for my annual 2 month hiatus on an island in the Spanish Mediterranean. As a result, I will not contribute again to this fine publication until I return at the end of June. First and foremost, I must thank Arnaud and Naja for allowing me to vent on a regular basis in their wonderful creation, one that has become the only source of serious news and commentary in Key West. I’m also [continue reading…]

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