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Officer Gary Lee Lovette: “Me, I Dropped Like a F***ing Bomb On His Head… We Killed Him”
Photo provided by Treavor Eimers

Photo provided by Treavor Eimers

The Grand Jury’s Final Report is in. No indictment will be handed out in response to the fatal Thanksgiving Day arrest of Charles Eimers.

The report – no matter how beneficial it is for the officers who could have faced criminal charges – throws more fuel than water on that fire.   Indeed a summary contained in the FDLE Investigative Report, made public yesterday afternoon, of an audio recording captured during and immediately after the arrest is simply stupefying.

Apparently Officer Gary Lee Lovette inadvertently left the recording mechanism on his Taser in the on position for several hours after putting the Taser back into its holster.  What follows is an excerpt from FDLE’s summary of the audio recordings: [...full article]

It’s The Law, Man

Marijuana poster

Wasting police time; wasting taxpayer dollars

There aren’t many issues that Americans agree on in this era of divisive politics. The country has been fractured by innumerable partisan confrontations from foreign wars to immigration to birth control. And yet a clear majority of people in the United States do consistently agree on one issue: legalization of marijuana.

Not medical marijuana either. Smoking dope, man.

When the White House created its website Change.Org it asked the public to vote on the “Top 10 Ideas for Change in America.” The result? The call to “legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana” placed #1 in the 2010 online vote. [...full article]

GUEST EDITORIAL: It May Be Time To Reform The Reformers


Education reform has become a very large industry for big business and political careers. Public education is an extremely complex field because of the many ways to measure and debate student success and remedy poor outcomes. And we have conflicting philosophies world wide about what is best for students. Do we just teach the basics and focus on reading, writing and computing at grade level or do we offer a rich curriculum ? We know that public education has been highly successful in the United States because of our country’s success. We have nearly cornered the world market on creativity and entrepreneurship. Nearly every ethnic group in the United States out-performs their peers in their native countries when measured by test results. And for the exceptions not all students in those countries are tested.

And yet since Ronald Reagan declared the USA as a nation at risk in 1983 education reform has taken hold and seeks to sacrifice everything successful about public education in pursuit of “reform”. [...full article]



Last week, I again wrote about the Blue Wall of Silence, the unwritten “commandment” in law enforcement that cops don’t rat on cops– no matter how illegal or near-illegal a police officer’s conduct may be. I pointed out that this rule is almost absolute, not only because of peer pressure, but also because, typically, whistle-blowers are not protected by police management. In fact, the law enforcement careers of police officers who are too honest– officers who refuse to play the Blue Wall game– are often destroyed.

The classic example of this truth here in Key West is the case of former police officer Tom Neary. Neary was suspended in October 2007 and finally fired in June 2008, charged with conduct unbecoming a police officer. The official list of allegations against Neary gave the term “trumped up” a whole new meaning. But make no mistake here: The real reason that Neary’s law enforcement career was destroyed is that he threatened to go public with information about a bogus investigation ordered by then-Police Chief Bill Mauldin with the objective of ending the political career of City Commissioner Mark Rossi. [...full article]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: the Boulevard Post-DeMoya

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, McDonald, Dale M, 1966-67.

The main joy from the completion of our 850 Days of Hell is like the wonderful feeling when you stop beating your head against the wall. We now mostly have back what we had before, which is a relief after suffering pointless deprivation for so long.

The main improvement we can see is the drainage. I asked how they did it, and it was simple math. You see how they elevated the road in the former underwater areas, leaving sloping asphalt down to several businesses. I asked what went wrong on the recent work on South Roosevelt, where the repaving left larger lakes in front of La Brisa and east. They said DeMoya had not done the work that far down, but was engaged to do a future project on that stretch, so we can hope for some improvement. [...full article]

Green Drinks and Aquaponics


Every month around the world in various cities, people interested in ecological and environmental issues get together informally to talk and learn about different topics over cocktails.

These groups meet everywhere from Albania to Vietnam and everywhere in between, INCLUDING right here in Key West.

Dr. Bill Irwin, photo courtesy FKCC

Dr. Bill Irwin, photo courtesy FKCC

“Green Drinks Key West” meets monthly at Muse, the upstairs bar at Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill and Brewery at 301 Whitehead Street, and this past week we were treated to a presentation by Dr Bill Irwin of KFCC on AQUAPONICS.

We have long been interested in aquaponics and possibly even implementing a system on a larger plot of land – but where to begin?!  We never liked Chemistry in college, and even biology was not our thing, so we worried this might be a very complicated endeavor.

Dr. Bill made it all so simple – and you can build this all yourself as he did in his back yard!  Our layman’s description as to HOW TO follows: [...full article]

An Extremely Modest Proposal

Don’t Have a Cow, Herc!
(Bandinelli’s Hercules and Cacus, CC0)

So imagine you’re a fire-breathing giant, son of the Roman god of fire Vulcan. You live in a cave on a hill that eventually becomes part of Rome. You hang out, eat human flesh, and nail human heads to the doors of your hillside abode (caves have doors?). Then you see some nice fat cattle grazing below and decide to drag eight of them into your subterranean crib. They were right there for the taking after all and the people you like to snack on have somehow figured out it’s in their better interest to vacate the neighborhood. So no big deal, right? Wrong. [...full article]

Clueless Ambivalence…

August 28, 2014 Editor:

What is happening in Ferguson, MO is just the most recent symptom of the cancer of America’s soul. We are long past the delusion of “the Greatest-Country-In-The-World” and rapidly descending to violent third world status. After reading Naja and Arnaud Girard’s piece, Friday, August 22, in The Blue Paper on KWPD’s brutal and dehumanizing treatment of the people it is charged to serve and protect right here in our little city, I have no choice but to protest. As an American citizen it is my civic duty to protest. As a human being I am compelled to protest.

Of any city or town in the US, Key West is in the envious position to be a living, shining example of our One Human Family credo and show the rest of the country how it’s done. Key West is a unique blend of international culture, multi-generational locals with ties to Cuba and the Bahamas, a creative and vibrant gay community and US military history and an on-going military presence. We are a microcosm of the US in a beautiful tropical setting. It is a tragedy our leadership doesn’t have the political will or the imagination to celebrate and promote our diversity, but instead plods along shrugging its shoulders in clueless ambivalence as our police behave in such brutal fashion.

I’m getting worn out repeating the standard excuse for police brutality, “The majority of cops are great people, it’s just a few bad apples misbehaving, etc, etc, etc…” I’m sorry, but that isn’t working for me anymore. In truth, the “blue wall of silence” screams culpability. The archaic tradition of looking the other way and protecting psychopaths in uniform needs to end. Now. This goes for the tacit approval of the same by the city commissioners, the mayor, the city manager and the Chief of Police, Donnie Lee.

Please, let us be the city to emulate. We are so close, but until we cull those few bad apples we will be no better than those killer cops in Ferguson and St Louis.

Alex Symington

Key West




Rick-Boettger thumb








Back in 1521 , Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the Island of Key West.  The island had been used as a communal graveyard by the Calusa Indians, so he named the island, Cayo Hueso (Island of Bones). Since that time this tiny island has produced so many interesting and crazy stories. This story is about Key West back in the 1970′s and 80′s, when smuggling was at it’s peak. The characters in (Island of Bones) are strictly fictional and do not represent any citizens of Key West !

                      Enjoy!   — Big Tuna


PART FIVE of Island of Bones Series…  Lawrence the Lobster [...full article]

Request to Take Up Marriage Case Sent to FL Supreme Court!


Last Wednesday, the state’s 2nd District Court of Appeal sent a request to the Florida Supreme Court asking them to take on a Hillsborough County marriage case and rule on the constitutionally of Florida’s ban. If the Florida Supreme Court decides to take on the case, it will be a huge step forward in the fight for marriage in Florida.

“Today, the 2nd District Court of Appeal (DCA) in Tampa, Florida has requested that the Florida Supreme Court take up the issue of marriage equality right away,” said Stratton Pollitzer, Deputy Director of Equality Florida. “This is what we’ve been asking for all along. We’re thrilled that the 2nd DCA agrees that marriage equality is an issue of such urgency and importance that it should be elevated directly to the Florida Supreme Court. We hope that the 3rd DCA in Miami will follow suit and request that the marriage cases pending before them also be moved directly to the Florida Supreme Court. We need a final resolution, not another appeal, because every day this discriminatory ban remains in place causes significant and irreparable harm to our families.”

Read more here:

Key West Breast Cancer Prevention Advocate Named to National Cancer Summit


Susan Wadia-Ells, breast cancer prevention educator and Key West resident will speak at the 2nd Annual Cure to Cancer Summit next week.

The September 3-19 on-line, international conference headlines: Bernie Siegel, M.D., The Art of Healing;  Kelly Turner,  Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds; Thomas Seyfried, The Metabolic Theory of Cancer; Bill Henderson, Cancer Free: Your Guide to Gentle non Toxic Healing; Dr Francisco Contreras; Oasis of Hope; Dr Brian Clement, Hippocrates Institute; Wadia-Ells, Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps to Stop Breast Cancer before it Starts and 20 other leaders  in alternative or natural cancer prevention and treatment, along with  cancer survivors who chose natural protocols over mainstream treatments.

Considered a pioneering leader in teaching women how to stop breast cancer before it starts, Wadia-Ells is founding director of the National Breast Cancer Prevention Project/Busting Breast Cancer.

“The Summit offers everyone a chance to learn cutting edge information on how nutrition, detoxification, vitamin D3, low-hormone lifestyles, and mind/body practices, are preventing cancer  and successfully treating people who have developed all types of cancers.” said Wadia-Ells.

“It is a great honor to be included in this group of leading clinicians, researchers, and educators.”

To obtain free tickets to next week’s on-line event visit:

Monroe County Take Stock In Children Class of 2014

Monroe County Take Stock In Children Class of 2014

Take Stock in Children, a college scholarship program for high-performing, low-income students, is now accepting applications for the 2014-15 school year. Motivated students, grades 7 – 10, with the desire and potential to attend college or learn a trade should apply.

“This is an outstanding program that offers more than a college scholarship to qualified candidates. Our students are matched with a volunteer mentor while in middle and high school, attend college readiness workshops and college campus tours, and learn how to be successful in college,” explains TSIC program coordinator Chuck Licis. [...full article]

Monroe County School District 2013-2014 Advanced Placement & ACT Scores Released


The Monroe County School District is pleased to announce the release of the 2013-2014 Advanced Placement Scores. The Advanced Placement program provides students with rigorous coursework which aligns with college-level standards. Students participate in an international assessment to determine mastery of college-level course work. Students achieving a score of three or higher are eligible to receive college credit for the course.

Monroe County High Schools increased the level of participation in 2013-2014 with an impressive 740 students participating in the advanced course work; this is a 13 percent increase from 2013 and a 43 percent increase from 2010. 1377 tests were administered district wide. This is an increase of 17 percent from 2013 and 48 percent from 2010. [...full article]


bvrac flyer

Mangia Mangia Offers Italian Feast On Labor Day For Womankind



This Monday, Sept. 1st, spend your Labor Day evening at Mangia Mangia, 900 Southard St. from 5:30-10pm.

25% of your total food, alcohol, and take out orders will be donated to Womankind, helping locals get medical care.


2013 King & QueenKing Stephen "Sunshine" Sunday & Queen Diane May

2013 King & Queen
King Stephen “Sunshine” Sunday & Queen Diane May


Ongoing Events:

Aqua Idol every Tuesday beginning August 26 – October 14, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM – come support the candidates’ singers at Aqua Nightclub, 711 Duval Street. 75% of the monies collected will be split among the candidates and 25% would go to the campaign for which the winner is representing. All monies will be donated to AIDS Help. Free to attend! All Candidates

Drag Queen Bingo at 801 Caberet every Sunday from August 24 – October 12, 5:00 PM – Bingo at 801 Bourbon will divide all proceeds equally among the candidates. All Candidates

All Candidate Events:

[...full article]

Fantasy Fest Entry Deadline Approaching

Lay off the snooze button; it’s time to turn your dreams into reality!

The Fantasy Fest parade application deadline is quickly approaching and there is no time to waste.

Entry applications must be received by the Fantasy Fest office by 5pm, Friday September 5th. Don’t let your anime-zing parade dreams end in a nightmare, turn in your application today!

Applications are available online at Fantasy

Tropic Cinema Presents “Sea Siren” a Multi-Media Show of Film, Art & Music [Adults Only]


Race The Reef / Ocean Race / Sept 7th

race the reef

Attention Non-Profits: Fantasy Fest Street Fair Liquor Lottery, Sept 11th

Attention Not-for-Profits: Fantasy Fest offers an excellent source of revenue available through alcohol sales booths at the Street Fair and Promenade, October 24 & 25.  Ten alcohol sales opportunities are offered to Monroe County not-for-profits only. Booth selection via the lottery system will be held on Thursday, September 11 beginning at 5pm at Dante’s, 951 Caroline St. For details and application information, call 296-1817.


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