Apr 132018

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately The Blue Paper has not been able to reach its financial goal and I have decided to step down as the Editor in Chief.

A heartfelt thank you to the 99 people who have pledged monthly support to keep this important mission going. Thank you to those who have contributed through one time donations, large and small, over the years. Without you we would not have been able to continue our efforts for this long.

I also want to thank those of you who have contributed to TBP’s mission with articles, letters, poetry, photography, and your own important investigative journalism work.  We have greatly appreciated your contributions and are proud to have shared this platform with you.

There is, of course, still much to be investigated and reported on: affordable housing, hurricane Irma recovery, school safety and discrimination, hospitals and health care, overdevelopment, immigration enforcement, animal welfare, accountability and transparency in government…

Arnaud Girard is still exploring the possibility of keeping TBP alive.  Arnaud welcomes any support and creative ideas that would help him to keep the mission going. You may contact him directly at 305-731-7299.

[Patreon billing will be halted [no further auto payments will be incurred].  I will contact Paypal patrons individually to ensure their billing is individually shut down. Anyone who feels they would like to receive a partial refund for their most recent [April] monthly donation [since we are halting publication mid-month] please contact me directly at editor@thebluepaper.com.]  

My best to you all!

~ Naja Girard

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Apr 062018

Florida Historian Tom Hambright will share little known back-stories about significant Florida Keys events as Key West Art & Historical Society Distinguished Speaker Series Guest on Thursday, April 19 at 6:00pm at Old City Hall.

Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes Florida Historian Tom Hambright as Distinguished Speaker Series guest on Thursday, April 19 at 6:00pm at Old City Hall, 510 Greene Street,where he will share “The Rest of the Story,” an examination of significant Key West history events, presented in the tradition of the late, famed radio newscaster Paul Harvey. Continue reading »

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Apr 062018
Integrity & Intent Lacking--All Teenagers Are Not Equal  

Indoctrinated “blank slates” consumed with EGO driven ideas, desires, compulsions and fears, lacking depth, experience and the practical wisdom that comes with age and acquired knowledge, have been inserted into leadership positions by an eager media and encouraging politicians grateful to have their personalized agendas advanced. 

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Apr 062018
Key West Art & Historical Society celebrates Captain Outrageous in “That’s Outrageous!” Exhibit  

The Key West Art & Historical Society celebrates the acclaimed late Key West artist Captain Outrageous in “That’s Outrageous!,” a retrospective featuring more than 40 works that explore his pop art style across several different mediums.  The exhibit opens Friday, April 13, with a special reception held from 6:00pm-7:30pm in the Bryan Gallery at the Custom House Museum, 281 Front Street.  The Green Parrot Bar kicks off the exhibit’s opening at 4:30pm with “The Last Straw” Happy Hour, celebrating what would have been Captain’s 78th birthday and named as an homage to his infamous White Street eatery. Attendees are [continue reading…]

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Apr 062018
Afro Roots Fest Heads to the Florida Keys for Multiple Events 

The annual Afro Roots World Music Festival has celebrated the evolution of African culture by featuring some of the best performers from the Caribbean, the Americas and Africa during the last two decades. For the first time in its 20-year history, Afro Roots Fest is to travel to the Florida Keys for a variety of events from late April through early June. The regional tour includes a full slate of attractions Saturday, April 28, at Islamorada’s eclectic Morada Way Arts & Cultural District, 151 Morada Way between mile [continue reading…]

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Apr 062018

By Kirby Congdon…… Footprints I press each foot’s print in, this beach made with stone and bone, clean and firm, beneath my feet and, so, design, with neat resolve, hard topographies from this shiftless land which oceans, also, rising, would complete with neither eye nor hand returning worlds, dissolved, with an easy disregard, into smooth, unmarked, and, once more, unmarred obliterations of sand. That landscape’s script has no language to translate. Our body’s trace is gone. Our lives are anonymous when endless oceans neither feel [continue reading…]

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Apr 062018
Call for Artists for the Key West Art & Historical Society Third Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade

Key West Art & Historical Society invites artists, builders and assemblers to put their creative and engineering genius to play and on display for the Third Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture and Art Bike Parade, set for Saturday, May 5. Small and simple or elegantly engineered, teams of any number and age are welcome to enter this pedaled or pushed sculpture parade (think art with parts that move).Registration is $25 for kinetic sculpture floats and $15 for art bikes, with registration fees waived for Society members. Cash [continue reading…]

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Apr 062018
UWFK Supports Emotional Recovery after Irma

Housing instability has slowly been emerging as a stronger predictor of suicide than income, employment, or education.  People at risk for suicide are more likely to be renters, according to Summer DeBastiani, PhD(c), MPH, RN, from the University of Miami(1).  Especially after Irma destroyed up to 25% of the housing in the Florida Keys, particularly low income housing, assessing the mental health of residents experiencing housing instability is more important than ever.  Recognizing this, United Way of the Florida Keys is helping provide mental health [continue reading…]

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