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by John Donnelly…….

The ramifications of an irreverent society devoid of ethics and integrity, constitute a tipping point whereby the satiated irrelevancies and ideologies of a vacuous culture; births confusion, restlessness and distrust.

As discontent increases it saturates the vacuum created by a civilization lacking forthrightness and veracity. Without a credible scientific standard to evaluate ourselves and the world about us, discomfort and instability will manifest proportionally to one’s inner disturbance.

Lacking verifiable truths and facts required to accurately assess the progress and direction of our lives, along with the complexities of a civilization gone mad with relativism and uncertainty; chaos, calamity and fear will have their way with us, as these unsettling mental states can become a toxic force behind a maligned existence.

Absent an analytical foundation and structural design upon which we can successfully build our lives, many of us ignorantly stagger within a fog of bewilderment; erratically spinning and twirling into nothingness.

Unable to acquire traction, some of us tense up, pressing forward even harder, hoping beyond hope to make some sense of it all; exerting more effort, energy and resolve to find some comfort, peace, joy and purpose in our lives. Devoid of adequate instruction and information on how to proceed towards procuring a positive, clear and accurate understanding of ourselves; along with lacking a harmonious relationship with a Creator and Its creation, many of us roam endlessly fueled by anger and frustration, insipidly injuring ourselves and others.

Lost and devoid of hope, too many of us spend a lifetime scurrying about unable to secure an awakened and peaceful understanding of the things that really matter. Ignorance has proven itself not to be blissful.

Receiving a zero sum gain for the behemoth effort we’ve put forth in attempting to locate happiness; our increasing disappointment and anguish can drive us into the darkness.

The ‘light’ we may have felt within ourselves, and at times in this nation, appears to have become rather dim. A leaderless moral equivalent seeks to disassemble many of the founding principles, which have withstood the test of time.

Imperfect as we all are, our Declaration of Independence and Constitution created and preserved these United States through many difficult times; providing us with the means and potential to evolve towards a more perfect union. This “government of the people, by the people and for the people” was not meant to plummet into an ever tightening spiral, en route to the abyss.

Analytical reasoning is the bedrock upon which growth, achievement and accomplishment has been realized by human beings since the inception of man.

Seeking understanding via the corrupted instruments set forth by those promoting a standardized narrative of propaganda, I’ve come to realize the degree of filth and toxicity, which has been fed and accepted by a deluded and dumb downed populace.

An educational system highjacked by ideologues has squelched dissent, while promoting censorship as a means to stonewall and stifle inquires questioning the accuracy and viability of their proposals and methods.

As addressed by both presidential candidates in the last two elections, the American Public School System has been determined to be so awful that it poses a “Threat to our National Security”. Chronically sending this nation’s children to schools, generation after generation, which rank last and near the bottom in every measurable academic area, when compared to their world counterparts, epitomizes a special type of depraved wickedness known only by the Prince of Darkness.

Manipulative and exploitive governments, corporations and bureaucracies, are comfortable with their abuses and criminality, as the ‘guardians of the gate’ are all too forgiving and frequently complicit with their wrongdoing.

Actionable violations have not been aggressively investigated nor prosecuted by the alleged protectors of the public. The game appears to be seriously rigged. Intolerable infringements and criminal acts, which at one time would never have been accepted by a free people, are now marketed and explained away as though nothing ever happened. All too frequently a willing media conceals, covers and extends protection to the powerful. To add insult to injury, taxpayer money is spent by the aforementioned entities to deceive the very citizens funding the deception.

Without a solid and scientific basis of fact, many indoctrinated sycophants goose step to the collective beat of their drummers, unaware and uninformed of the irrational nuances associated with their political rhetoric. Many are foot loose and fancy free, when it comes to their baseless and reckless attacks upon the ‘dream that was once America’.

Too many ideas put forth by wimps, whiners, snivelers, complainers and fault finders have captured center stage; when it comes to addressing a murderous world and our survival as a nation. These academic theorists promote a world order lacking gravitas. Unfortunately, many of their strategies and tactics are off the mark. Frequently their policies make matters worse. However, the media doesn’t accurately reveal the consequences of their actions. They are coalesced and catered to by a weak and biased “Fourth Estate”.

We’ve arrived at a point where little or no importance is attached to the actual scientific value expected to be gotten from the perspectives of pundits. Passing laws, enacting foreign policy and issuing executive orders based upon flawed reasoning has been destructive, killing millions of children and innocent civilians. “All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.” – Ellen Glasgow.

Requiring nothing of those who want to tear down America, in terms of proffering a proven alternative, while always providing them with a public forum, has caused this group to prosper and grow exponentially, as they avail their ranks with like minded insurrectionists. Spewing indecipherable and twisted nonsense at times, with little regard for the ‘rest of the story’, they’ve become the rallying point for radicalism, stirring like-minded insurgents into violent action with their rhetoric.

Arm chair quarterbacking and second guessing the traditional actions of others, while bringing little to the table themselves, has become the favorite pastime of many. Those on the firing line of life, advancing forward with answers and solutions that have actually brought success into the lives of others, via the time-tested principles upon which the United States was built , are often derided and mocked.

“The worm has turned”. As a plethora of leaders throughout Monroe County and the rest of the country, will be faced with the imprudent consequences of their negligent and ill-advised decisions. As the tourist season takes hold; traffic congestion, litter, pollution and the over-all destructive onslaught of too many people and vehicles on the road; will cause US 1, the only road running the length of the Florida Keys, to become impassable and shut down.

Over-development, relaxing and waving policies governing the size and density of homes on specific parcels of land, along with a new expansion bridge that coddles to a never ending stream of day trippers entering our islands, are lethal realties that have been inflicted upon local families and residents. Pursuing this type of expansion is a death sentenced for the fragile aquatic ecosystem upon which we live. The muddled mess created by excessive development and grid-lock, will virtually close our islands and communities down.

Several scientists and engineers, the same ones who’ve repeatedly forewarned city and county leaders of this impending catastrophe, spoke with me yesterday about the above concerns. Their fateful predictions can be attested to, as I’ve ridden the highway and roads several hours each day by bicycle, over the course of 20 years, witnessing their learned prognostications coming true.

Power brokers are skilled at pitting one faction of society against another. Dividing and conquering the citizenry serves as a distraction and provides insulation for a corrupted elite, which refuses to be held answerable for their failed ideas and policies.

Perhaps pain from the oncoming pandemonium will awaken and sharpen the decision making apparatus of the electorate, causing them to focus with full force and might upon their elected leaders, in the hope they’ll institute expedited measures easing the destructive impact of their poor judgment and prior bad acts.

Will we as Americans stand together, holding those in public office accountable; or shall we be hung separately?

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  7 Responses to “Will The Chickens Come Home To Roost?”

  1. Both poetic and prophetic. Excellent work!
    John sees the problem, but like most who watch helplessly, realizes this will not end well.
    Elections are won solely through marketing. Skillful and well funded advertising and media manipulation decides elections, and that is rarely to the benefit of the electorate. I highly recommend the film “Wag the Dog” for an epiphany of awareness as well as excellent performances by such as Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, and Willie Nelson. (Reading about it first on Wikipedia will diminish your enjoyment of the film- it is better if you do not know the plot and just let the story unfold as it was intended and artfully crafted).
    If candidate marketing might not work, then election fraud and manipulation has been employed to get the right puppet in place.
    We have seen locally that laws only apply to the masses and not to the well-connected individuals or to government agencies and the officials within. We have watched as false evidence is presented and sworn testimony is given in support of it. We have seen enforcing agencies defend the illegalities of another agency. We have seen Florida Inspectors General and the Attorney General ignore formal complaints or deny that they have authority to act. We have watched as the Florida judiciary ignored the facts and accepted absurd defenses so as to allow crimes to continue.
    If there is no rule of law, then there remains only lawlessness. This will not likely end well. Few empires last more than a couple of centuries, and they always self-destruct from the inside out from the cancer of corruption.

  2. John, I was wondering where you’ve been and I see you have not been wasting your time. I missed you. Welcome back. “Ignorance has proven not to be blissful”. Sometimes I wish I was ignorant, looking for that fake kind of bliss you expose as a fraud here. Thanks, I needed that. I’d also like to mention the film “Wag the Dog” and I thank JW for bringing it up. Personally, I consider it the last great film made by America’s movie establishment. True satire that questions who and what we are, has almost disappeared from the Hollywood movie making machine. Steven Speilberg? Tom Hanks? all the rest of them? Do any of them ever really take a chance, go out on a limb? Never! They play it safe, have become instruments of the status quo. Thanks John for your voice, and thanks JW for reminding me of what art is for. ciao, Jerome

  3. Great rant! I say “rant” in a supportive positive way. Passion and conviction in calling out those that would hurt the many to profit for the few is the antithesis of what we should aspire to. Today deceit has no consequences ergo a lie is as good as a truth. In this environment how is anything of goodness to survive?

  4. JW

    I was sincerely moved by your comments. Thank you very much for the complements. I ‘m delighted you enjoyed the article. It’s reassuring to know my reasoning is in sync with the understanding of others.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to share your perspectives. Your presentation was filled with meaningful and well-thought out observations.

    Blessings & Respect

  5. Jerome,

    Always value, enjoy and appreciate your commentary. I continue to learn and advance myself via the accrued wisdom coming from men of your caliber. Thank you.

    Blessings & Respect

  6. Alex,

    I’ve found that the change required to uplift one’s individual consciousness, is an inside job. You cannot legislate compassion, peace, kindness and benevolence. You cannot learn about these qualities at a university or church.

    Not until we demand a complete education for each and every child, to include a curriculum on the principles of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization, will anything of significance be possible.

    Blessings & Respect

    • John, Once again, these are nice thoughts, but reality is a nasty sucker. Our culture gives incentive for the negative things you talk about. We’d have to change the whole paradigm of our culture to realize your beautiful thoughts. That is what Post Consumer Man is trying to do. Each person doing it on their own will never get it done. It must be a movement. Yes, you and a few of us have transcended it all, but I cannot take much solace in that. It’s ugly out there. Sorry for the bummer thoughts, Jerome

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