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Dear Editor:

I find it very telling that the mainstream media is diving into the 2016 presidential coverage sixteen months in advance of the actual event and is blithering on about such republican long shots as Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina and on the “left” it’s Hilary, Hilary, Hilary 24/7, as if divinely chosen, but is silent as a tomb on Senator Bernie Sanders.

The Ministry of Propaganda is concentrating on the perennial shopworn issues of is this or that candidate too young, too old, too ethnic, too religious, not religious enough, too pretty, not pretty enough etc., you know… red herring misdirection that is totally irrelevant to the HUGE problems we are facing here in the US and the world at large. Senator Sanders is the only candidate that is speaking to the very real issues of Big Corporate Money altering (destroying) our entire democratic process. One out of four major corporations is paying zero taxes and stashing billions in off-shore banks with their lobbyists writing laws making that legal. Ninety-five percent of all new income generated is going to the top one percent and all of this while the country that made these parasites wealthy is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

Would that these corporate freeloaders contributed to the country of their origin, our decrepit power grid and our bridges and roads could be restored to at least an adequate level, instead they spend their money on convincing us we the people are the freeloaders. The time the Tea Partier spends fuming about someone on food stamps buying Doritos might be better spent fuming about ExxonMobil’s CEO making $14,000.00 and hour and paying less in taxes than a teacher or a cop.

Only the indie and internet media are covering Bernie Sanders. The corporate owned media, network and cable are dutiful to their masters and mute when it comes to Sanders. Heaven forbid the people hear about a candidate that actually cares enough about them to address those very real issues that negatively affect us and offers pragmatic solutions. Find out more, go to: https://berniesanders.com/about/

Alex Symington

Postscript: As if to prove the point of this letter that Corporate owned press will not cover Senator Sanders’ campaign, our “local” paper refused to publish it. The reason given was, “For the duration of the political campaign, we cannot run letters for or against specific candidates.” I must simply ask, “Why?”

That means for the next sixteen months they will not publish any letters that concern the presidential campaign? This particular paper is not concerned with local interest in the choices of presidential hopefuls? This reminds me of this, so called “local” publication’s silence in regard to the channel widening/dredging referendum where local opinion, in the form of letters to the editor was blacked out to avoid exposure to the overwhelming opposition to the channel widening/dredging. By the way, the vote went three to one opposed to the widening. Thanks for covering that story so well…Not.

The anonymous column printed without the slightest regard to source or truthfulness, apparently is a legitimate format, yet intelligent, researched opinion with a verifiable name associated with it is unacceptable because of a particular subject?! What?

So, I guess we can expect lots of copy-and-paste from the AP and Corporate. Local Shmocal.


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 June 19, 2015  Posted by at 12:22 am Alex Symington, Issue #119, Letter to the Editor  Add comments

  4 Responses to “Why the Silence on Sanders?”

  1. Alex, how right you are. Daily I am amazed that Senator Sanders gets virtually no coverage from the Main Stream Media (MSM) while almost all the press goes to Hillary and EVERY buffoon entering the Republican side of this upcoming circus we call the Presidential race.

    Senator Sanders has some great ideas and most of them are concentrated on how to, once again, make the U.S. a strong country. Emphasizing the importance of education, making college affordable, if not free, concentrating on the roads and bridges all over the country that need serious work, getting big money out of politics – these are but a few of his ideas, and they are all important goals. Ideas and goals you just won’t hear on the MSM.

    It is up to those who are enlightened enough to make sure Bernie’s message is spread among our communities and given the exposure it is due. If, after reading some of what Bernie has to say, one can still decide they prefer someone else. But being informed is never a bad thing. Personally I haven’t been thrilled with either party for a number of years, but I am liking what I’m hearing from Bernie. Be open minded and listen to what he has to say.

  2. it really doesn’t matter how much coverage Mr. Sanders receives, or how little. it doesn’t matter how many people agree with Mr. Sanders and swarm the streets to lend their approval and support.

    as Joseph Stalin said: “its not the people who vote that count, its the people who count the votes.”

    i still can’t get over the fact that you guys actually think we live in a democracy, and that your vote counts for anything. you really think the powers that be would allow YOU and ME any voice in THEIR world???

  3. what 2 parties? jeese I didn’t know? I thought it was one that’s 1 party with 2 faces for soooo many years now. they met in devos and decided it would be hillery and jeb but jeb isn’t working out just yet their/our 2016 choice brought to you by the wizards of world warfare and masters of the universe the bilderburgs and cfr of the magnanomus banksters galore club.

    to the point it has nothing to do with tea party movement which is a movement to support our constitution if one is interested in understanding just what the tea party movement really is and another candidate rand paul stands for supporting and adhearing to the u.s. constitution also and begins with the abolishing of the irs and installing a simple flat tax that can be done each year on an index card size filing.
    we would not have anywhere near the problems this society faces if the constitution was supported and followed.
    but of course the wizards behind the curtain would not like that one bit and socialists one and all would be spitting into the wind if the constitution was followed.
    welcome to the new world order the socialist/marxist/fascist party of your choice demopublican or republicrat take your pick.

  4. Thanks Alex for spreading the word about Bernie – he has my vote. That is, I will only vote for Bernie – so if it is Hillary, or Jeb! – yes just another Bush (God forbid!), I will not vote in the Presidential race – same sorry worn-out politicians – just different names. But Bernie – he tells the truth. The truth about the budget, the truth about the big banks. No wonder the national media, controlled by corporate America, does not want to cover Bernie Sanders campaign. FEAR! FEAR word could get out their is actually a candidate that would represent the best interests of THE PEOPLE – THE CITIZENS and NOT CORPORATIONS INTERESTS! One voter at a time – spread the word. Of course there will be the lemming Republicans and Democrats who will blindly follow their parties over the cliff. But maybe one voter at a time we can get the word out – Support Bernie Sanders for President! Elizabeth Warren for V.P.

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