Nov 202015


Dear Editor,

Taxpayers of Monroe County, just to put the record straight, it’s the Monroe County government and the Monroe County BOCC that are the cause of the grinder pumps, the extortion to have the FKAA obtain an easement to put Monroe Counties grinder pumps (Yes those grinder pumps BELONG to Monroe County) on your property. It’s Monroe County that refuses to pay for traffic bearing lids so their grinder pumps could go in the ROW like Monroe County paid for the lids for the 167 Monroe County grinder pumps that went in Grassy Key. It’s Monroe County that is refusing to pay for electricity to run their pumps like they did on Grassy Key.

So what is Monroe County doing with our infrastructure sales tax money that was supposed to go for a “Complete and fully funded” sewer system??? Why the Monroe County government and the BOCC decided to take the TAX money that was voted to be used for MONROE County infrastructure and GAVE 2.7 MILLION DOLLARS of this fund to the state of Florida to fix the state of Florida’s infrastructure.

Does anyone but me think my tax dollars are NOT being spent as the voters decided???

Dr. Geno

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 November 20, 2015  Posted by at 12:54 am Issue #141, Letter to the Editor  Add comments

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