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Who’s Pulling Mr. Zuelch’s Strings?


by Eugene E. Nanay Jr. Ret……..


Kurt Zuelch, what hat is He wearing when he’s speaking. Everyone knows that Mr. Zuelch, the Former States Attorney, IS the executive director of the FKAA and when he speaks it is in his Official capacity as ED. HOWEVER! if Mr. Zuelch is being queried about THE CRWS, Mr. Zuelch has NO official position other then the head of a Construction Co. In the Context of The CRWS, FKAA DOES NOT exist. The entity formally known as the FKAA was created as a General Contractor the instant their signature was placed on the contract documents. General Contractor?aqueduct is then totally governed by Contract Documents. They can do NOTHING without the approval of their overseers, the BOCC. As the Retired Sr. Contracts Field Representative for the FKAA my premiere responsibility was to Enforce the contract to the letter. If a contractor wanted to deviate from the contract they would have to present their request to me for consideration. If the request was within my area of consideration I could either approve and document or send the request up the line. Mr. Zuelch, Contractor is being paid to tow the owners line, period. Whatever Contractor Zuelch has to say regarding the CRWS is meaningless. In this instance Mr. Zuelch is NOT the FKAA but just another contractor. Since when is a general contractor for the BOCC their spokesman?? Perhaps the media is so impressed with ED Zuelch’s position with the FKAA that they’ve forgotten that in regards to the CRWS he has NO official say. Perhaps the media might consider Who’s pulling Mr. Zuelch’s strings???

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